Birmingham Medical School Review

Birmingham medical school offers its students excellent career prospects. Through a careers team that supports undergraduates in obtaining additional clinical experience and voluntary work, as well as online learning platforms like the graduate-level script.

Birmingham medical school review

Career prospects:

Birmingham medical school has a dedicated careers team, who focus on guiding students through the process of becoming an outstanding potential clinical practitioner, and connect students with work experience and volunteering opportunities alongside their degree. This aims to provide students with skills that help them to stand out from other medicine graduates, and enable access to top careers within the NHS, or private sector later on in their career (1).

This is reflected in the ranking of Birmingham medical school in national league tables: whilst it currently occupies a middling position in most, its graduate career prospects are extremely high (100), relative to other UK medical schools (2).

Teaching Quality:

One of the selling points of Birmingham medical school is its nearby partner teaching hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which places an emphasis on teaching students core clinical skills. Teaching staff are chosen for their clinical experience, and the school has an Academic Skills Centre which is dedicated to teaching students how to learn and excel in essential academic qualities.



Birmingham medical school offers learning through lab work, more traditional lecture theatres, and seminars and group sessions. However, the school’s standout feature is its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which allows students to collaborate online for assignments, and access lecture materials and other study resources online. Year 3-5 students also gain access to the SCRIPT learning platform, which teaches students graduate medical skills (3).


Student accommodation at Birmingham is located across several student ‘villages’, most of which are less than fifteen minutes away from lectures and campus. Students gain access to study bedrooms, with shared living spaces [for more information, check out the Birmingham undergraduate student website (4)]. Birmingham is also partnered with the Host and Liberty Park student accommodation providers, providing a range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets.

Course fees:

Fees for UK/EU students are £9250 a year at Birmingham medical school. International students are charged £22,500 a year for Years 1-2, and £38,100 for years 3-5 (5).


Cost of living:

Student budgets at Birmingham are £833 a month on average, according to the Which? University student budget calculator (6) (taking into account rent, other bills, and food). This will vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen, and other personal choices of students.

Entry difficulty:

Applicants for Birmingham medical school are required to achieve A*AA at A-level, which must include Biology and Chemistry. Candidates must also sit the UK Clinical Aptitude Test. Applicants’ combined GCSE and ukcat scores are then given a score (weighted at 60% for school board exams, and 40% for the ukcat) which determines if they progress through to the interview stage (7). The interview system used by Birmingham takes the form of multiple mini interviews (MMIs), which feature multiple ‘stations’ designed to test candidates for their practical clinical aptitude.

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