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UniAdmissions specialises in supporting students with their applications to competitive universities and courses like Oxbridge, Medicine and Law

Over the last decade, competition for these most sought after places has been steadily increasing, which has led to the introduction of new measures, such as admissions test.  Many students find this daunting and are confused by how to best put together a winning application.  That’s where we come in.  

UniAdmissions can help you build your application to show you in the best possible light. With help from our specialist tutors, we ensure you get exactly the right support from the right people.  

Every year, we work with thousands of applicants and schools across the world.  From Online Courses to our Ultimate Guide Books and from Intensive courses to Bespoke individual tuition – with a team of 300 expert tutors and a proven track record, it’s easy to see why UniAdmissions is the UK’s number one admissions company.


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UniAdmissions is founded by Dr Rohan Agarwal and Dr David Salt – both Cambridge Medical Graduates with several years of tutoring experience. They do the vast majority of tutoring in this year whilst also writing our market-leading resources like the BMAT past paper solutions and UKCAT Mock Papers.


Following the success of 2013, word spreads quickly and demand for tuition increases to the point that we have to recruit more Oxbridge tutors and train them up. The first of many admissions test and interview courses are launched – attended by over 100 students with many hundreds more placed on a waiting list.


UniAdmissions launches online courses for the first time to allow more students to access our resources. Rohan and David work tirelessly to publish six books – two of which are amazon best-sellers and actually outsell Harry Potter and the Bible in August 2015!


Our tutor network grows to a staggering 300 Oxbridge Tutors in 35 different subjects. This allows us to accommodated for the increase in demand for our intensive courses and individual tuition. UniAdmissions becomes a big publisher after launching another five books with three international best-sellers.


The website is fully reworked to make it easier to use and more attractive. Five additional books are launched on the new Cambridge admissions tests to bring the total to a staggering 16! We continue to expand our tutor network to cope with ever increasing demand with over 1,000 students set to attend our courses this year.


The company continues to expand – with plans to launch an additional 30 books planned this year and the launch of 3 brand new online courses (IMAT, ENGAA and ECAA). We were officially nominated as best tuition providers for the prestigious Education Investor Awards and welcomed as a full member of the Tutors Association. 2018 looks set to be our biggest year ever!

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“We feel comfortable in the capable hands of UniAdmissions.”

Kerry Bunkhall, Cardiff Sixth Form College