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Who is the consultation for?

What will I gain From Booking?

The consultation is all about what you (parents and student) can do, together with UniAdmissions, to increase your chances of success during every step of the admissions process through our Programmes of support.

Your expert Admissions Consultant will also be able to answer any questions you have about your application process. No matter how challenging or unique your circumstance is, UniAdmissions can help.

How Does The Enrolment Process Work?

To get started on your journey with UniAdmissions, you’ll need to arrange to speak with an Admissions Consultant who will assess your application and how viable you are as a candidate. You can get started by booking a consultation at the top of this page.

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Your phone consultation is completely bespoke to your subject, university and circumstances.

Throughout your consultation, you will get advice and recommendations on your application.

You may leave your consultation with the opportunity to join one of our exclusive, limited Programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The consultation will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Your Admissions Consultant will talk through all areas of your application and provide recommendations of support based on your answers.

The consultation is held over telephone as this allows you to choose a more flexible time that suits you.

You’ll fill out your preferred phone number in the booking form on this page and your Admissions Consultant will call you at the time you’ve requested.

No, you don’t need to prepare anything for the consultation. All you’ll need are your aspirations and knowledge of the academic grades achieved so far.

You will be asked a series of questions about your application by your Admissions Consultant, who will then be able to make a recommendation of support to you based on your answers.

UniAdmissions Admissions Consultants are truly experts in the Oxbridge application process. All of our Admissions Consultants have been through the process themselves, so they have a keen understanding of how it all works – from the inside out.

They will pass their expertise onto you through the consultation.

Absolutely, we always recommend booking a consultation when both parent and child are present.

This is because the Oxbridge application often requires input from both parties, and the actions needed to improve your chances of success need both parties to be committed.

UniAdmissions Premium Programmes have a limited number of spaces available each year for students to enrol on.

We only offer places on these Programmes to students who have a realistic chance of being accepted to Oxbridge and show the commitment required for a place.