The Best Medical Schools in London

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The Best Medical Schools in London

No experience can compare to the clinical opportunities available by studying medicine in London. But how do you choose between the medical schools here? We will discuss each of the highest-ranking medical schools in London.

Five Medical Schools in London

All of the five medical schools in London have prestigious reputations. They offer outstanding teaching and clinical experience, in vibrant hospital environments. The Complete University Guide recently released new 2019 rankings of all the UK medical schools. On this page, we will discuss the three highest ranking medical schools in London.

Imperial College, London

Of all the medical schools in London, Imperial College is the highest ranked by the Complete University Guide. It ranks the 5th highest medical school in the UK. Imperial College is renowned for its specialism in the sciences; including medicine. It is a science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) university.

The Imperial College course is largely traditional, with a focus on the scientific basis of medicine. Medicine is taught through lectures, seminars and practicals over the first two years. However students do have some patient involvement through patient home visits in first year. They also take an initial hospital attachment in second year. Imperial students must all do an intercalated degree; although unlike most medical schools in London and the UK this takes place in the fourth year. This means that the third, fifth and sixth years of the course are all clinical. Time is spent at Imperial College’s hospitals of St Mary’s, Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea and Western Eye hospitals.

Student life is very active at Imperial, with medical students being able to get involved in the societies of both the Imperial Student Union and the Imperial College School of Medicine Student Union.

Imperial College London Exterior

Queen Mary, University of London

Unlike the other two universities, Queen Mary’s offers a five year course. Years 1 and 2 are taught in a systems-based structure; through a combination of labs and lectures. Meanwhile, years 3 to 5 are the clinical years. The clinical years involve a series of placements in the hospital and community. Students do have an option of taking a further year of study to gain the qualification of an intercalated BSc.

Queen Mary is home to a wealth of excellent resources. Students get access to the state-of-the-art Blizard Building and many libraries including access to those of the University of London. They’ll also get the use of a dedicated teaching room for anatomical specimens and a clinical and communications centre for clinical skills practice.

As a campus university, Queen Mary has a homely student community. With over 300 diverse societies and 60 sports clubs for students to join, it is one of the most appealing medical schools in London for students.

For further information see Queen Mary 5 year medicine course.


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University College London (UCL)

UCL medical school is one of the largest medical schools in the country. It has around 334 medical students admitted each year. The medicine course is largely traditional. Years 1 and 2 consist of systems-based modules on preclinical science. All students complete an intercalated BSc in third year. In fourth year, students are introduced into medicine and surgery in the clinical environment, whilst fifth year involves specialty rotations in the run up to preparing for finals over sixth year. UCL is home to world-leading hospitals including; UCLH, Great Ormond Street and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

With the Cruciform Building of the medical school being right at the heart of London, studying medicine at UCL offers an unparalleled student experience to be in the centre of this bustling city. The UCL Students’ Union plays a big part in student life, with hundreds of societies in drama, arts, music and sport.

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A Summary of Medical Schools in London

All the medical schools in London offer incredible learning opportunities in hospitals that have some of the greatest expertise in the country. Your choice out of the medical schools in London should depend on which course structure and environment suits you best. For more advice about medical school read our guide how to get into medical school.

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