LNAT Preparation Courses

Sitting the LNAT is a required step you'll have to take to achieve your aspirations of becoming a laywer, solicitor or working in the legal field. Working in Law is an exciting prospect for many applicants interested in the field - to work for the top firms you will need a top tier degree to be considered. Many students find this daunting and are confused by how to best put together a winning application - this is where we come in.

UniAdmissions are well placed to support students with their Law applications. We have helped secure more than 400 offers to study at Oxford or Cambridge for our students, with many more students gaining offers at other highly respected Russel Group universities. Over the past three year, we have been able to help 68% of students who worked with us on our Oxbridge Law preparation courses to gain their dream offer. This success rate rises to 75% for non-Oxbridge. With expert tutors, who all scored in the top 10% of the LNAT, you will be able to get personal support that with triple your chances of success. Discover our Programmes below to learn more about how UniAdmissions can help you.

What is the LNAT?

The National Admissions Test for Law, or LNAT, is an aptitude test (it doesn't test your legal knowledge) that is used by the majority of UK university law courses. It is taken on a computer and used by universities to shortlist candidates before interview. It is designed to understand your reasoning skills, ability to understand text and your writing skills.

Section A: This is a multiple choice section which gives you 12 passages of text, each with three or four multiple choice questions to answer. In total, there are 42 questions to answer in 95 minutes.

Section B: This is an essay section. You have 40 minutes to answer one of three essay prompts on a range of subjects. This section tests your ability to argue effectively – a vital skill in Law.

How To Prepare for the LNAT

Practice for the LNAT, as with any exam, is vital in order to achieve a good LNAT score and earn your place to study Law. There are no past papers for the LNAT, but there are specimen papers. Unlike exams you will previously have sat, the LNAT is an aptitude test which tests different skills such as critical thinking, and your ability to create powerful arguments. Starting your preparation early is key to ensure you achieve a high score.

Since the test is quite different to the norm, it requires a different style of preparation to succeed. This is where UniAdmissions come in – we are the experts in helping students prepare for the LNAT. We offer a variety of different Programmes to suit different students. Each of these Programmes will boost your LNAT score rapidly. We also have a plethora of free content available on our LNAT guides page.

Which LNAT Preparation Programme Is Best For Me?


Our Premium Oxbridge Law Preparation Course

The Oxbridge Law Programme is an all-encompassing preparation course that supports you in all areas of your application, such as the Personal Statement and the interview. This Programme is designed specifically to triple your chances of getting into Oxford or Cambridge for Law.

This Programme contains over 180 hours of study and gives you access to valuable 1-1 tutoring, LNAT preparation resources, places on intensive LNAT courses and more. This is the Programme most students choose as it covers everything required for a strong Law application.

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Our LNAT-Specific Preparation Course

The LNAT Preparation Programme is designed for students who are confident with the other aspects of the application, but feel they would benefit from support specifically for the LNAT.

You’ll recieve 1-1 tuition from an expert LNAT tutor, intensive group teaching, and unlimited LNAT essay marking. Throughout this Programme, you will get ample practice for LNAT, along with guidance from your tutor to help you focus your efforts where they will make the biggest impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can prepare for the LNAT as you would with any exam – with a lot of practice and revision. We have a variety of articles available for you to read through on our website.

For more targeted support which offers a greater chance of success, you should take a look at our various LNAT and Law Programmes.

Yes, we support lots of students applying to universities outside of Oxford and Cambridge, mainly for Russell Group universities. Our Oxbridge Law Programme is targeted at students applying to Oxford and Cambridge, but the Standard Law Programme is aimed directly at students choosing not to apply for Oxford or Cambridge.

Over the past three years, we have been able to secure offers for 68% of students who enroled with us on our Oxbridge Law Programme. The Standard Law Programme has achieved a success rate of 75% for students applying to non-Oxbridge universities.

The average Oxbridge Law success rate is 16%, so our students are able to attain places at a much higher rate.

First and foremost, we assess whether the potential student has the right academic capabilities and profile to be realistically accepted to study at Oxford or Cambridge.

Firstly, we assess the student’s academic profile to determine whether they are a realistic applicant to study Law.

Secondly, we assess whether the student is willing and able to put the time and effort  required in order to create a winning application for Law.

Finally, we assess the student’s reasoning behind why they want to study Law at university. This is a vitally important consideration, and one that all Law universities take seriously when choosing candidates at the interview stage.

Our Law tutors are all highly accomplished students from Oxford and Cambridge. Each of our tutors has scored in the top 10% for their particular admissions cycle, so they are truly the best of the best. You can read more about our tutors here.

There are a huge range of materials and support provided for students enrolled on any of our Law Programmes. This ranges from one-to-one tuition, intensive courses, mock interviews and more. In particular, for the LNAT, our students find our unlimited LNAT essay marking highly valuable.

You can discover the full list of features on the Law Programme page here.

Yes, we have a lot of valuable information about how to successfully apply to Law and prepare for the LNAT on our website. You can take a look at the articles on this page by clicking here.