2020 BMAT Results Explained

The BMAT 2020 results have finally been published by Cambridge Admissions Assessment. The BMAT is an admissions test required to apply to certain medical schools in the UK, such as Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial. The BMAT 2020 results have been released and, in this article, we will review the BMAT 2020 scores for Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3.


What is a good score on the NSAA Cambridge?

If you are applying to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge, you will soon be sitting the NSAA, or Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment, but what makes a good NSAA score? While the format of the test itself may have changed, the skills and aptitudes it tests, and the qualities that admissions tutors look for in Natural Sciences students at Cambridge, have not.


Admissions Tests Taken On Computer 2020

How will admission tests be conducted online/computer-based in 2020? Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, many admission tests will be conducted online/computer-based instead of their normal paper-based format. Many students are wondering how exactly this computerised format will work, whether they will have to carry their own laptop, what the system will be like and much more.


Womens Day Event 5th September

Studying at university is often a big culture shock for students, along with a multitude of other shocks to the system. You’ve left home. You’ve started doing independent research. It’s the first time you’ve worked with your tutors. It can be difficult to have the confidence to support yourself, but it’s not impossible.


A-Level Results Day: What’s Next?

A-level results day represents the culmination of years of hard work, multiple exams and marks the start of higher education or employment. With the pandemic of student chaos, we’ve put together a guide to results day, the average grades needed to get into Oxford or Cambridge and the options you have if your results don’t match your expectations.