BMSAT Preparation Courses

The BMSAT stands for the Biomedical Sciences Admissions Test. This is a brand new admissions test being developed exclusively for Oxford’s Biomedical Sciences course. Currently, we have very little information regarding the format of the content of this admissions test, although we can assume that it will be based on the core sciences (as well as mathematics)

The BMSAT is being introduced in 2024 for 2025 Entry, meaning any applicants applying this year will need to sit the test. There currently is no set date for the test, although previous Oxford admissions tests have been sat in mid-October of each year. Therefore, we can assume that the BMSAT will take place at around the same time.

What is the BMSAT?

The BMSAT (Biomedical Sciences Admissions Test) is a 2-hour exam released in 2024. stands as the gateway to securing a position at the University of Oxford for Biomedical Sciences.

Designed to assess the aptitude of prospective students in the fields of engineering and science, this exam is a new and crucial element of the admission process. Replacing the BMAT, the BMSAT retains the essence of the BMAT. 

There is not much information about when the BMSAT is scheduled to take place, but a close estimate would be  mid-October, presenting an opportunity for aspiring Oxford students to showcase their academic prowess.

How To Prepare for the BMSAT

Although the BMSAT is a new exam, students can effectively begin their preparations for the exam due to the information released by the University of Cambridge.

We currently recommend students use practice materials from the BMAT which the BMSAT has replaced. The sections required in the BMSAT have not been released yet.

You can boost your BMSAT score by working with an expert tutor here at UniAdmissions, guiding you through the process and offering experienced insight into the new exam.

We will also be running a live BMSAT Intensive Course and creating an BMSAT Academy which will give you access to a pre-recorded video series walking you through the exam.

Which BMSAT Preparation Programme Is Best For Me?


Oxford Programmes Including BMSAT Preparation

Preparing your Oxford university application is not a simple process. The success rates are very competitive and there are many hurdles to clear to reach your Biomedical Sciences offer.

We have developed Programmes of support to boost your chance of success for admission on your chosen course at Oxford.

Alongside BMSAT preparation, we can teach you how to write a perfect Personal Statement to boost your impression on the university and offer guidance on acing your Interviews. You will have over 170 hours of study time made up of many avenues of learning including expert-led 1-1 Tuition, Intensive Group Teaching and an Online Course.

Our BMSAT Specific Preparation Programme

We have supported hundreds of students with their Oxford admissions tests over the years and have gained a critical understanding of what Oxford Admissions Tutors are looking for.

The BMSAT Preparation Programme is the most comprehensive BMSAT support you will find. Our expert Tutors will help you to identify and improve the areas you find most difficult to ensure you score highly. The Programme also offers a reserved space on our Intensive Course and access to online revision support. If you are only looking for support with the BMSAT exam, then this is the perfect Programme to help boost your score rapidly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through our decade of experience in the Oxbridge application space, UniAdmissions has dealt with many exam and test specification changes. We have a deep understanding of the questions and topics for every admissions test offered by Oxford or Cambridge. We are able to use this understanding, alongside any information released by the universities themselves, to quickly develop accurate resources and train our tutors accordingly.

We work with a limited number of students each year to ensure we can provide the best support suited for their particular needs.

Our Programmes have a structured syllabus, however, we tweak elements of the syllabus so the student is able to gain the most out of our support.

First and foremost, we assess whether the potential student has the right academic capabilities and profile to be realistically accepted to study at Oxford.

Secondly, we assess whether the student is capable and willing to put in the time required to create a strong application for Oxford.

Finally, we assess the student’s attitude and reasoning behind applying to their subject. This is one of our most important considerations.

If a student has below-average (but still realistic) grades, but the correct attitude, we would consider accepting them onto our Programme. Unfortunately, if the inverse is the case, it’s unlikely the student would be accepted onto the Programme. Admissions Tutors look for passion, not just academic potential.

We do have ideal start times at points throughout the year, however, the syllabus can be adapted to suit your particular start time if you are accepted onto the Programme. Our Admissions Consultants can help you understand the Programme timeline in your specific case – all you need to do is ask.