A personalised platform to help you get the most out of your Programme.

The UniAdmissions Portal is your link between all of the support and resources offered in your Programme and you. You’ll find everything included in your Programme available in your personalised Portal account. You’ll get access upon enrolment to a Programme.

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Your Oxbridge application second brain

Your Entire Curriculum At The Click Of A Button

With your Programme, you will get access to a variety of resources. These resources are split into six key areas. The Portal will keep you on track with your progress on your journey to Oxbridge.


Honed in one-to-one support with your expert Medicine Oxbridge tutor – all with homework and reports.


Highly effective one-day courses that cover every key components of your application.


You’ll join your Medicine Academic Head’s form group for guidance and unlimited mentoring sessions.


Finely-tuned Medicine resources in a range of mediums to help you practice and learn for your application.


Develop a deeper understanding of your subject and go beyond your curriculum.


Your online platform to guide you through your Programme as a student, or help you track your child’s progress.

automatic progress tracking

Track your progress to your dream offer at Oxbridge.

The Portal is where you’ll find all your Programme resources. With monthly task lists, you’ll stay in the loop and never miss a step in your preparation. Stay informed about tasks, track your progress, and be confident that you’re always on the right path!

Both parents and students will get timely alerts if you are falling behind on your curriculum to get you back on track.

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The Heart Of Your Programme

You’ll get easy access to all of the resources and materials referenced in your personalised curriculum, along with exactly how much of each resource you should be looking to complete in the month. Your path to Oxbridge is ready and waiting – all you need to do is follow it.

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Simple, Effective Tutoring System

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional methods—our intuitive platform provides a user-friendly experience. Easily manage your schedule with a comprehensive calendar, ensuring you never miss a session. Each student receives a personal classroom link, providing quick access to their dedicated learning space.

track your child's progress

It's not just a platform, it's peace of mind

The Parents Dashboard on the Portal offers an invaluable window into your child’s academic journey, providing real-time insights into their progress and ensuring no milestones are missed. Our user-friendly interface allows parents to stay informed about their child’s advancements in their UniAdmissions Programme.

How do I get access to the portal?

In order to access the Portal, you will need to undergo an assessment with one of our Admissions Consultants. The easiest way to do this is by booking a consultation (in the bottom left of your page) or by starting a live chat with one of our team. Once you have enrolled, you will be provided a personal Portal account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and students often ask us about the Portal. Here are their most common questions, along with our answers.

The UniAdmissions Portal is a platform where you will find all of the support and resources for your Programme, all combined into an easy-to-follow curriculum.

You can think of the Portal as the hub of all the materials included within your Programme. If you are ever looking for a relevant book, an online course, course dates, or anything along those lines, you will find the resource in your Portal account.

You can also use the Portal to get in touch with our team at any point.

The Portal is an integral pillar of our Programmes, and both the Programmes and the Portal require each other to work as the Portal delivers the curriculum in your Programme.

Due to this, the Portal is not available to purchase by itself, but we are able to offer a range of Programmes to suit most students.

You’ll often get your Portal account created on the same day of your enrolment so that you can get started with your preparation right away.

In busy periods, it can take up to 48 hours. If you have been waiting longer than this, simply reach out to your dedicated Programme Manager and they will be able to help you.

The Parents Dashboard on the Portal offers an invaluable window into your child’s academic journey, providing real-time insights into their progress and ensuring no milestones are missed.

Our user-friendly interface allows parents to stay informed about their child’s advancements in the UniAdmissions curriculum. The dashboard not only showcases completed tasks and achievements but also serves as a proactive tool with its alert system.

You’ll receive timely notifications if your child falls behind the curriculum, enabling swift intervention and support. With the Parents Dashboard, we empower parents to actively participate in their child’s educational voyage, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that enhances academic success.

You will have access to your Portal account for as long as you are enroled on one of our Programmes. This is often until just after the A-Level exam period in year 13 (your year of entry for university).

Yes, the Portal is fully functional on your mobile and tablet. We recommend students use the Portal on desktop, as many of the tests covered in the Preparation area are taken on a computer, so it is better practice.

However, many areas of the Portal are well-used on a mobile, such as the Library which gives you access to all of our textbooks, wherever you are.

We have functionality within the Portal to allow you, as a school, to manage multiple students and review their individual progress.

Each student will receive their own Portal account, complete with a curriculum that is personalised to them.

From your schools Portal, you can see their progress and will be alerted if any of your students fall behind on the curriculum.

As a parent, you will have your dedicated portal. This allows you to track their progress in the Programme and receive alerts if they fall behind.