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Why Extracurriculars Don't Matter Open Day: 20th August 2022

In this Open Day, we’ll talk about why extracurriculars don’t matter and what can you do instead to boost your application! Get all your questions answered by our Oxbridge experts.

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Our Oxbridge success rate is 3x the national average of 16% in 2021.

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Our 5-year medical application success rate versus the national average of 12%.

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Caring and Experienced Tutors

All of our tutors scored in the top 10% in their admissions cycle and many are currently at, or graduated from, Oxbridge.

Each is dedicated to sharing their expertise.

The Oxbridge Application Experts

From the first call until your graduation, you will only ever deal with true Oxbridge application experts.

Our expert knowledge ensures your success.

Driven Squarely By Results

UniAdmissions’ Oxbridge success rate is 61% vs the average national Oxbridge success rate of 16% in 2021.

We will triple your chances of success.

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UniAdmissions have sold over 100,000+ books on more than 25 subjects – all on admissions preparation.

We, quite literally, wrote the book on Oxbridge admissions.

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The Two Blues Podcast is UniAdmissions’ official podcast – hosted by our founder (and Cambridge graduate) Dr Rohan Agarwal and William Wheatley (an Oxford graduate). Hence, the Two Blues!

How exciting is summer for you? I bet we all look forward to it year after year, but… What’s summer like at Uni, what’s going on, what’s it like?
Let’s listen to Rohan and Will tell us about Uni Summer and what you should expect from it.

Doctors Without Jobs?
It’s not very common to hear this in our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen… Listen to the new podcast with a very special guest, find out who she is and how much she has to tell us about this topic! Play it now!

Now we have the last term, revisions. Listen to Rohan & Will, so that you know what kind of approach will be best for you, what is essential to know and how you can deal with the revision.
We are sure you don’t know much of what they have to share, so listen up!

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