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Oxbridge & Medicine Admissions Test Preparation Programmes

Securing your place at Oxbridge or medical school is a challenge, but with hard work, dedication, and the right support and guidance, you can maximise your chances of being accepted by the university of your dreams. And that starts with preparing for your admissions tests. Here at UniAdmissions, our comprehensive preparation programmes delivered by expert tutors will provide everything you need to succeed.

It pays to be well-prepared, as places at Oxbridge are very competitive. Some of the main tests include the BMAT, UCAT, and LNAT, all of which have different structures.

Our Oxbridge & Medical Admissions Test Programmes:

At UniAdmissions, we provide a structured syllabus created and delivered by an expert tutor who has scored in the top 10% for your specific admissions test. You’ll receive the highest standard of comprehensive support while preparing for your exam, giving you a distinct advantage over other candidates. Choose your specific programme below and discover how we can help you ace your university admissions test.

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Medicine Admissions Test Programmes

The UCAT and BMAT are the most important tests any prospective medical student in the UK will undertake, demonstrating your capabilities to admissions tutors.

UniAdmissions has specialised in medicine applications since day one, tripling the success rate for Oxbridge admissions, and 7x for all other medical schools. Discover our medicine Programmes below to start your journey today.


Oxford Admissions Test Programmes

We offer tuition and ongoing support for all admissions tests for the University of Oxford, including the TSA, LNAT, and PAT. These tests are an essential part of your application process.

Our subject-specific tutors have excelled in their particular admissions tests. They are guaranteed to have scored in the top 10% nationally, ensuring you’ll be guided by the very best.


Cambridge Admissions Test Programmes

Cambridge admissions tests are an important part of the university’s selection process, devised specifically to test what the institute believes makes an ideal candidate.

Our experienced tutors have passed these exams with flying colours and combined with the expert resources and syllabus offered by UniAdmissions, we can help you reach academic success too.

Alternatively, search for support by Admissions Test.

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