UCAT Intensive Course & UCAT Online Course

The UCAT is an important milestone for any prospective medic, with your score in this Admissions Test being a large factor deciding whether you are invited to interview at your chosen medical schools, and offered a place to study Medicine. At UniAdmissions, we offer a range of UCAT courses across live day UCAT courses and online UCAT courses to help you get prepared.

Places on our UCAT courses are reserved for students enrolled on our Medicine Programme.

UCAT Intensive Course

Small Groups.

Fully interactive 8 hour seminar that guides you through all sections of the UCAT.

Expert UCAT Tutors

Be taught by Oxbridge Medicine experts who scored in the top 10% of their UCAT year group nationally.

Comprehensive UCAT Resources Included.

Get access to 10 hours of video lectures and resources such as our bestselling UCAT textbooks, mock papers and more!

This course is reserved for students enrolled on our Medicine Programme. Join here.

Online UCAT Course

3+ Hours UCAT Online Lectures.

Get all the benefits of a classroom course, taught by a UCAT expert, from the comfort of your own home.

2000+ UCAT Practice Questions.

A huge amount of practice questions allow you to practice without running out of material.

6 Full Mock Tests.

Consolidate your learning and test yourself with extra, non-specimen practice papers written perfectly in the style of the real exam.

This course is reserved for students enrolled on our Medicine Programme. Join here.

Full Day UCAT Course

Your UCAT course will be taught by our expert UCAT tutors, who scored nationally in the top 10% of their UCAT application year. You will also get access to all of our UCAT resources which includes 6 full mock papers, written to reflect the current UCAT syllabus, access to 10 hours of free online lectures and ongoing support from your tutor until your UCAT date. 

The 8-hour UCAT course will take you through each section of the UCAT in detail. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and pick your expert UCAT tutors’ brain on any areas that you might be unsure about.

You’ll be provided the best-selling Ultimate UCAT Collection which contains 3 books and  over 2500 practice questions.

The UCAT is a test of time as much as knowledge. The course will teach you valuable time-saving methods to score higher. Timed practice will provide you with tips, techniques, strategy, and advice to improve each part of your preparation and enhance your learning experience.

Our course is designed to help you gain marks most students won’t, giving you the edge over other candidates. We have consistently got 7x the national success rate for medical students that choose to work with us for their preparation.

UCAT Intensive Course Schedule:

1015 – 1030: Arrival, Registration, and Resources

1030 – 1200: Verbal Reasoning

1200 – 1330: Quantitative Reasoning

1330 – 1400: Lunch

1400 – 1530: Abstract Reasoning

1530 – 1600: Decision Making

1600 – 1730: Situational Judgement Test

1730 – 1800: Debrief and Finish

"My daughter has received sterling advice that guided her through the UCAT and BMAT exams as well as help with her Personal Statement but above all the personal tutors who have brought out the best in my daughter who is now a confident outspoken candidate."
Dirk - From Trustpilot
Offers from Leicester, Southampton and Exeter

1. Learn

Watch the HD lectures and learn about the topic in question in-depth. Take notes and listen carefully.

2. Consolidate

Take your notes from the lectures and condense the information into smaller formats.

3. Practice

Practice some questions and keep in mind the strategies and tipes you have noted down and consolidated.

4. Support

If you get stuck, you can contact your UCAT tutor to talk you through the issue with expert guidance.

"The tutor teaching the online course is great and the UCAT resources were really helpful too. It meant that I could study in my own time really effectively!"
Offers from Manchester, King’s and UCL.

UCAT Online Course & Question Bank

Your UCAT online course features hours and hours of HD video lessons, divided into logical portions, along with a 2650 Question Bank to help you practice and improve. You’ll also receive 6 full mock tests to consolidate your learning and test yourself in a real-life-like environment.

3.5 hours of HD lectures available on-demand to help you prepare for the UCAT.

Practice as much as you want with over 2650 questions with fully worked solutions, written in the same style as the real test.

Our online course reflects the latest test specifications, so you can rest assured your preparation will be relevant for this year’s test!

Common Questions About Our UCAT Courses

Our UCAT Intensive and Online Course are both reserved for our Programme students. In order to gain access to the courses, you  will need to enrol on Programme with us. You can book a consultation with our team to get started.

You’ll get access to all the UCAT resources UniAdmissions have to offer. This includes our best-selling textbooks, UCAT past paper worked soltions, UCAT mock papers and much more.

You can see a full list over on our Medicine Programme.

If you’re looking to improve your UCAT performance in a short space of time this course is perfect for you.  It guides you through all sections of the UCAT and teaches you time-saving techniques and strategies to help you succeed. You are taught by our experienced UCAT experts who are all senior Oxbridge medical students.

UniAdmissions continues to be the best provider of UCAT courses year after year because we have the best UCAT tutors in the country and because of our unparalleled array of UCAT resources. Students who work with us are able to 7x their chances of admissions into medical school. You can read some of our success stories here.

10 hours worth of online lectures that cover the majority of topics and taught by our lead UCAT tutor that you can access until your test day.

Written by our UCAT experts who scored over 800, our full mock UCAT practice papers simulate the format of the real exam. They allow you to get invaluable practice with the style and difficulty of questions (especially the new Situational Judgement section). They include fully worked solutions to all questions.

Of course! We are here to support you not just on the course day, but all the way until you have finished your exam.