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Amazing Benefits.  Receive benefits in the form of competitive hourly rates and Perkbox subscriptions.

Relevant Networking.  By joining our massive expert tutors network, you will be able to connect with other tutors and develop meaningful professional relationships that could advance your career.

Improve Your Skills. Regardless of your degree, people skills are always on demand. By tutoring students, you will gain confidence, social skills and expertise to support your career in the future.

There's a place for you at UniAdmissions!

UniAdmissions is a tutoring company that helps students with their application to Competitive Universities and Courses. Last year, over 1000 tutors worked with us to help thousands of students secure places at Oxbridge and Medical Schools across the UK. Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds – some are current Oxbridge students whilst other are post-graduates with years of dedicated tutoring experience. The one thing they have in common is a passion for nurturing the brightest minds of tomorrow.

We have a large variety of events and opportunities that you can be a part of:

We run many different types of events in Schools – a really effective way of delivering our services. We currently have partnerships with several schools in the UK.

We also have a series of public events based in London, such as Day Courses for admissions tests and interviews, as well as exhibitions.

To help develop your tutoring skills, we offer tutor training and webinars for free- we think it’s important to support our tutors in developing skills for life after university!

We help students one-on-one with interviews and admissions tests, in various agreed-upon locations around London or via Skype.

We offer tutors the opportunity to get involved in expanding the UniAdmissions resources, as well as becoming a UniAdmissions Ambassador and competing against each other for coveted prizes, like tickets to a May Ball!

Tutors have the opportunity to volunteer and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their applications, and reward our tutors for their volunteering hours.

“The tutor leading the course was great and the resources were really helpful too. It meant that I could study in my own time too!” — Colin, offers from Manchester, King’s and UCL.

What are we looking for?

Our Team of Tutors comprises Oxbridge graduates and current students from a wide range of disciplines, in addition to members of professions including medicine and law. Many of our tutors have recently been through the admissions process themselves, and thus can offer something different to usual schools careers advice – something many students find very valuable. We hire only the most able and enthusiastic tutors, people who can engage with and inspire our students to succeed at the highest level.

UniAdmissions tutors work as contractors – you let us know which days or half days you are available to work. Then, if you’re needed on a day you’re available, we’ll be in touch to invite you along to the event – but if your plans have changed, there is no obligation to accept. Our rates of pay are highly competitive and linked to your experience.

What do we offer?

Competitive hourly rates.

Flexible hours. Work as much as you want.

Perkbox platinum subscriptions.

Training and professional development.

Volunteering opportunities.

Join a massive expert tutors network.

Perkpay: option to exchange only 10 hours of tuition for a 12-month subscription to Perkbox Platinum.

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