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Interview Support Programmes

UniAdmissions’ Interview Programmes are designed to give you the highest chance of an offer at the Interview stage. Your specially crafted curriculum, combined with your expert tutor will fully support you through your specific subject, university and personal circumstances to craft a strong interview strategy. Our Programmes truly give you an advantage that can make the difference between an offer and rejection.

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Medicine interviews are unique when compared with other subjects due to students needing to prepare for both the MMI and panel style interviews.

With UniAdmissions, we specialise in medical admissions, you can get expert preparation for both styles through a structured plan designed from the ground up to get you your offer.

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The Humanities cover subjects like Law, Economics and PPE. The interviews for these subjects are extremely tough to perform well on due to the high calibre of candidates.

Our Humanities Interview Programmes ensure you are a cut above the rest giving you a real advantage on the day. Choose your Programme.

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The Sciences cover a wide variety of courses such as Maths, Natural Science and Engineering. The interviews can be incredibly difficult.

Your Interview Programme will give you all the tools and support you need to ensure you’re the ideal candidate for admissions tutors. Choose your Programme below.

Alternatively, search for support by your subject.

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