UniAdmissions Tutors Are High-Performing Oxbridge Students & Graduates

Scored In The Top 10% Nationally. Each tutor is an elite student from an already elite cohort. You’ll only work with the best.

Over 50 Subjects Catered For. We have tutors for every course offered by Oxford and Cambridge, plus many more specialities.

Students Are Matched To Tutors Using 20+ Signals. Our TutorMatch software enables us to assign the best tutor for your specific requirements, first time.

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Over 1,000 elite tutors from Oxford & Cambridge.

With a pool of 1,000+ tutors across 50+ subjects, we are able to match our students with the perfect tutor.

A Few Of The subjects we offer support for:


We select the best tutors from an already elite group

Every single one of UniAdmissions’ tutors studied at Oxford or Cambridge and scored in the top 10% for their admissions test in their application year.

With UniAdmissions, you will truly only work with the best.

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Student's skills and requirements are matched with their tutor closely

Using our proprietary TutorMatch system, we are able to match students enrolled on our Programmes to tutors very accurately. In the rare case where students or parents are unhappy with their tutor, we will assign a new tutor straight away.

No other company matches their tutors as effectively.

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Tutors are assigned rapidly, usually within 72 hours

Because of our advanced tutor software, we are able to match students and tutors within 3 days, up to a maximum of 5 days. You won’t be assigned the first tutor that applied for the job, you’ll be assigned the best tutor for the job.

Once you’ve booked your Programme, you’ll be able to begin your preparation rapidly.

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A small selection of our 1,000+ tutors

Every single one of our tutors has unique qualities and capabilities that make them experts in their given exam or admissions component.

Here’s a small sample of the amazing tutors we have working with us every day.



Hattie Sexton







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