Cambridge Medicine

At Cambridge University, medical knowledge and its application is given utmost importance. Studying medicine has not been restricted to theory only, at Cambridge University students are prepared for combining human interactions with technical knowledge. It aims to provide technically superior skills to students that are aligned with the medical discoveries made over the years.

Medicine is one of Cambridge University’s most popular and sought after degree programmes. Getting an admission in this degree programme can be difficult. Therefore, it is important for students to prepare well when applying for admission to study Medicine at the Cambridge University.

If you have a well-written application, then it can be easier for you to secure admission in a degree programme of your choice. In order to increase your chances of getting accepted to study Medicine at Cambridge University, you may need to contact a tutoring agency to help you with writing an application.

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At Cambridge University, to fully register as a medical professional, you need to complete your registration with the General Medical Council. This helps in getting license so that you can effectively finish your degree requirement. There is a two year period service that needs to be done in a Foundation Programme so that you are able to fully qualify as a doctor.

The coursework at Cambridge University is diverse enough to help students in getting adequate knowledge to practice medicine. In the first two years of study, medicine sciences are taught through lectures and practical classes. The initial coursework is designed to help students in learning the practical aspects of medical studies. These courses are included to guide students so that they are well-acquainted with research findings and clinical studies that they can implement in their future medical career.

In the third year of study, students need to decide about their area of specialisation. In the fourth, fifth and sixth year there are clinical studies that students need to conduct, visiting specified hospitals.

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