The UniAdmissions Advantage: Inside The UniAdmissions Portal

If you're looking for the most effective way to prepare for your Oxbridge application, the UniAdmissions Portal is the answer. UniAdmissions students have access to the world's first dedicated Oxbridge admissions preparation platform, and this guide will help you discover exactly how the Portal will help you get your offer.

Last Updated: 19th January 2024

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For over a decade, UniAdmissions has been working to create the formula for Oxbridge success. From creating hundreds of preparation materials to developing curriculums for study, we have strived to consistently innovate our support to our students. Now, we have launched the next milestone in our goal for our formula – the UniAdmissions Portal.

The UniAdmissions Portal is the heart of any UniAdmissions Programme, housing each core element of your support. First launched in January 2024, the Portal went through an intensive development process (something you can learn more about in the UniAdmissions Portal Story) but was very quickly adopted by our students. 

The UniAdmissions Portal was designed with two key objectives in mind:

To integrate all aspects of a typical UniAdmissions Programme, including one-to-one tuition, live courses, extensive preparation materials and more. 

To develop a platform that revolved around each student’s curriculum, which is a key component of how our programmes are delivered. 

With these two goals in mind, the UniAdmissions Portal grew in scope and became the world’s first all-in-one platform dedicated to Oxbridge application preparation. With glowing feedback from our students, the launch of the UniAdmissions Portal has ushered in a new era for admissions support. 

After your first session on the Portal, you’re more than likely to have a perfect understanding of what you can do and how everything works (thanks to the hard work of the designers and developers who ensured everything was clearly laid out and intuitive to use). 

But if you haven’t been able to dive in yet, this guide explores all of the pages and features you will be able to access when you log in to your own Portal: 

Exploring the UniAdmissions Portal


Any UniAdmissions student will begin their journey on their customised Dashboard. The Dashboard acts as the hub for all components of a standard UniAdmissions programme, offering statistics relating to your progress through the programmes and engagement with your resources.

Your progress through each component is tracked on a monthly basis, based on the requirements set out in your curriculum (more on that next). Your Total and Monthly Progress percentages are automatically adjusted based on curriculum as well, so it is vital that you achieve the goals that are laid out for each month.

Beyond the tracking features, the Dashboard is also where you will find important announcements relating to your UniAdmissions Programme and Oxbridge admissions as a whole. Along the lefthand side and top of the page are the main menus that will send you to the various components within the Portal. 


Your Curriculum is an in-depth monthly overview of your programme and our formula for Oxbridge success. Everything that you will be expected to complete will be detailed throughout the months you have available to you. 

These tasks have been determined by our expert team in order to be manageable for the average student while still moving you at a swift enough pace to have you fully prepared by the time your Personal Statement, Admissions Test and Interviews are due. 

This page is potentially the most important in the entire Portal as it acts as the foundation for all of your progress as a UniAdmissions student. When you enrol on a programme, you are enrolling to complete this curriculum more than anything else. Completing the tasks assigned to you in the manner suggested in the curriculum will give you the best chance of earning your offer. 

Alerts and Notifications

As it is crucial to stick to your set curriculum, our alerts and notification system has been implemented to ensure you and your parent/guardian are made aware of your progress regularly.

If a student falls behind on their expected progress within a given month, an alert will be sent to both the student and parent. This alert will highlight where the student is falling behind and offer dynamic advice for how things could be improved. 

Notifications will also be sent to inform you of announcements or to help you monitor your progression through the programme.

Secure your place at Oxbridge with support from UniAdmissions

At UniAdmissions, we are specialists in supporting Oxbridge applicants for all subjects. Our expertly crafted curriculum and innovative Portal have been developed to cater to each of our student’s needs individually, meaning you will always receive the best support for your application. 

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Now looking at the support components within the Portal, first is the Tuition page. The UniAdmissions Portal documents everything you need to know for tuition, including your tutor’s contact details, scheduled tuition sessions, available tuition hours and the link to your virtual classroom. 

As well as this, you will also find all of your previous reports from your tutor, which contain all of their feedback and assigned tasks. You can also view recordings of your previous sessions, should you wish to review a topic that was covered in a session.


The Resources section is the most expansive part of the Portal, covering the majority of study and practice materials available to you in your programme.

Question Bank

If a student falls behind on their expected progress within a given month, an alert will be sent to both the student and parent. This alert will highlight where the student is falling behind and offer dynamic advice for how things could be improved. 


On the Submissions page, you will be able to upload Personal Statements and essay drafts to be reviewed and redrafted by an expert tutor. Any feedback will be attached to your original submission, so this page will be essential to visit during the Personal Statement writing stage of your application. 


UniAdmissions students have access to a vast library of over 100 UniAdmissions-published books, covering every aspect of the Oxbridge and medicine application process. Each book covers vital information that supports every step of your application and can accessed easily online via the built-in e-reader software.


Lastly, the Reading page contains additional resources that will help you with your wider reading and general application knowledge. From here, you can access our range of recommended reading lists, which feature a wide range of books that will help set you apart from the competition. 

You will also find useful guides and articles from the UniAdmissions website covering the various aspects of your application. If you ever feel like reviewing the basics of Oxbridge admissions tests, interviews or general Oxbridge knowledge, these guides are a great place to look.  


The UniAdmissions Portal allows you to access everything you need for your live intensive courses on the Courses page. This page will showcase all of your upcoming courses, complete with dates and times. When looking at a specific course you will find a full itinerary for the session, as well as access to the required student handout. 

On the day of your course, this page will also be the place to attend the session, as you will be able to access the Zoom meeting within the Portal itself. Once the course is complete, the recording will be available to view on this page too.


In the Academy, you will find our many pre-recorded video courses which tackle all areas of the admissions process, from Personal Statements to Interviews. You can watch and rewatch these classes at any time to boost your confidence and understanding of the process.

The video courses also feature quizzes after most modules so that you can test your knowledge and cement what you learnt. 


The Seminars section is the home of our exclusive Enrichment Seminars, which offer a unique way of learning for your application. Enrichment Seminars are a way of broadening your understanding of your subject by tackling varied topics each fortnight to expand your knowledge and pique your curiosity. What you learn in these sessions will really help you stand out in interviews.

On the page itself, you can review upcoming session topics, rewatch previous sessions and access the virtual classroom to attend your seminars live, similar to how the Courses page functions.


Lastly is your Calendar, which automatically records any upcoming tuition sessions, intensive courses and Enrichment Seminars that you will be attending. It is recommended that you check your calendar every time you log in to ensure you don’t miss any scheduled sessions. 

Other than that, there are additional features that help you alter your profile, change contact details, view FAQs and add more hours to your programme. 

While this amount of features may seem daunting at first, each page is designed to be easy to navigate and not overwhelm students with options. Once you’ve spent some time with the Portal and gotten to know all of the features at your disposal, completing your tasks within the platform will feel natural as you progress closer and closer to your dream offer. 

However, this is only the Student Portal. Another innovation that we were proud to introduce with this platform is the addition of specially designed Portals for parents and schools: 

UniAdmissions Parent's Portal

We know that parents are keen to see how their child is getting on with their programmes, so the Parent’s Portal is designed to offer a window into their progress. Parents don’t have access to the resources that students do, but rather a comprehensive suite of tracking tools to monitor every aspect of the child’s programme. 

Similar to the Student Portal, parents will be able to see how much of the curriculum their child has completed, tuition reports and how many materials they have utilised, providing you with peace of mind knowing your child is putting the work into boosting their chance of success. 

Parents also receive alerts when their child falls behind in their curriculum, allowing them to work together to get back on track. If necessary, parents are also able to contact the UniAdmissions team for further advice on how to better utilise their child’s programme. 

UniAdmissions School's Portal

Here at UniAdmissions, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer specialised, comprehensive support to schools with students looking to apply to Oxbridge, Medicine and Law. When working with schools, we don’t just enrol their students into programmes; we get the school involved with their work and help them to integrate our curriculum into the students’ learning routines. 

One of the most important factors of this is to be able to thoroughly monitor each student’s progress. Through our dedicated School Portal, faculty members can keep track of every student’s programme, down to the last component. 

Other than providing a basic overview of the whole cohort, each student’s progress can be reviewed in great detail, utilising the same monitoring features seen in the Parent’s Portal. Alerts will also be received on the School’s Portal, allowing the faculty to help their students course-correct and make the most of their programme. 

Overall, it’s clear that students who have access to and engage with the UniAdmissions Portal are set with everything they need to maximise their potential and stand the best chance of earning their offer. Whether it’s the extensive preparation materials, in-depth live courses or one-on-one time with their expert tutors, each of our students has found at least one thing they love about working through their programme’s curriculum!

We hope that you’ve found this exploration into the UniAdmissions Portal helpful. The launch of the Portal marks a new chapter in the UniAdmissions story – a chapter that will see more of our students than ever finding their success and earning their dream places. 

Although the Portal has launched, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of our mission to seek innovation. We remain committed to finding new ways to increase our students’ capabilities for earning their offer, whether through creating brand new materials, exploring new course and tuition formats or continuing to improve our Portal with new features and conveniences. Whatever the future holds next, we will be aiming for it to involve success for as many of our students as possible. 

We are hoping to see many new students using the Portal and discovering how effective our support is, so if you or your child is interested in enrolling on a UniAdmissions Programme, book a free admissions consultation today to speak with a friendly admissions consultant. Our admissions team will be able to answer any questions you have about the Portal, the curriculum or any other aspect of our programmes. We hope to hear from you soon!

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