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The purpose of this page is to empower teachers and educators with the knowledge needed to effectively support students applying to Oxford and Cambridge university.

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Detailed Written Guides

Learn about the Oxbridge Application

We have done the research so you don’t have to. The articles below offer you a detailed insight into each of the key steps of the Oxbridge application process for your students, along with our important considerations for you and your school.

Oxbridge Applications Starter Guide

Start your learning journey through the Oxbridge application process with our starter guide, highlighting the basics of each step in the process. 

What Is Oxbridge?

This guide will take you through the key information you need to know to support any prospective Oxbridge student with their application, allowing you to guide them to success.

UCAS Application For Oxbridge

As a teacher, you already have a good understanding of the UCAS application process. However, this process for Oxbridge is different, and often more challenging.

Oxbridge Application Data

This guide will teach you how to find and analyse application data from Oxford and Cambridge in order to help you and your student’s understand the Oxbridge application process better than the competition.

Oxbridge Personal Statements

In this guide, we will explore what makes an Oxbridge Personal Statement different, what your students should and shouldn’t do when writing, and how you can mark them effectively.

Oxbridge Admissions Tests

This guide will explain how and why admissions tests are used and will provide you with an overview for each of the admissions tests used by Oxbridge.

Oxbridge Admissions Interviews

This guide will show you how the process works, what they should expect from their interviews and how you can support them in their preparation.

How To Write A Teacher Reference

Writing Academic References is the part of the application process that is most dependent on you, the teacher. This guide will help you create the perfect academic reference for your prospective Oxbridge students.

Supporting Oxbridge Wider Reading and Enrichment

To stand out in the Oxbridge application process, students need to engage in various forms of wider reading and enrichment. This guide will show you how to support them.

Academic Competitions for Oxbridge Applicants

Oxford and Cambridge host many competitions for a variety of subjects, many of which are aimed at university applicants. This guide will show you some of the main competitions that your students can enter.

Admissions Updates Changelog

The admissions requirements for Oxbridge, and many other competitive universities and courses in the UK, unfortunately change year-on-year. Here, we keep a log of every change and how you can overcome it.

Oxbridge Financial & Applicant Support

Whether it’s accessibility, financial support or help for international applicants, there are a variety of options available to those who have the academic potential to study at Oxbridge but face disadvantages in other areas.

Useful Oxbridge Resources

Start creating your resource bank for your Oxbridge applicants with our collection of essential documents, articles and webpages that will help your students prepare. 


Oxbridge Admissions Support For Your School

At UniAdmissions, we specialise in supporting students with their Oxbridge applications. Our student success rate is more than 3x the national average and more than 2x the top 50 schools in the UK.



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Maximizing Your Oxbridge Acceptances: Course

Our CPD-accredited online course, “Maximizing Your Oxbridge Acceptances,” is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to help your students secure a place at the world’s top universities. This comprehensive course covers all aspects of the Oxbridge application process, from understanding the application data to preparing students for challenging admissions tests like the BMAT and TSA.


Completely Free

We designed this course to help our school clients and teachers to maximise their students’ chances of success.


10+ Expert Videos

The format of the course is primarily through video for you to take at your own pace between lessons, or in the comfort of your home.



Upon completing the course, you will be awarded CPD points and gain valuable knowledge about the Oxbridge application process.


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