Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages Preparation Programme

Triple your chances to study Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge

UniAdmissions’ Modern and Medieval Languages Programme (2025 entry) is designed to maximise your chance of success when applying to study Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge.

We will more than triple your chances of Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages success.


UniAdmissions’ 5-Year Average
Engaged Student Oxbridge Success Rate*


The Average Oxbridge Success Rate

UniAdmissions' 5-Year Average Engaged Student Oxbridge Success Rate
0 %


Average Oxbridge Success Rate Of UK Top 50 Schools 


The Average
Oxbridge Success Rate

UniAdmissions’ Modern and Medieval Languages Programme (2026 entry) is designed to maximise your chance of success when applying to study Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge.

We will more than triple your chances of Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages success.


UniAdmissions’ Oxbridge Head Start Success Rate


The Average Oxbridge Success Rate

Head Start Programme Oxbridge Success Rate
0 %


Average Oxbridge Success Rate Of UK Top 50 Schools 


The Average
Oxbridge Success Rate

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What is included in the Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages Programme?

Our Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages Programme offers varied support to enhance your Personal Statement, elevate your MMLAA score and excel in your interview. Each programme element is meticulously crafted to optimise your acceptance chances. We’re the world’s first Oxbridge preparatory school with an unparalleled, effective curriculum; we remain unmatched globally.

What we do works.

Your Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages Programme gives you all of the support that you will need to maximise your chances of getting a place at Cambridge. 

Tap on the cards to see more details about our programme’s components.

Firstly we will help you make the right decision regarding course and University choice.

Whether this is through a meeting with our Academic Director or by arranging sessions with tutors from Oxford and/or Cambridge in your considered subject areas. We will help you come to an informed conclusion on one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

You will receive a full introduction to your Programme by your Programme Team, along with your tutor, Form Mentor and our Academic Director. Throughout your time with us, they will be here to help.

Empower your learning journey under the guidance of a seasoned Modern and Medieval Languages tutor who achieved top 10% scores in their cohort.

Your one-on-one sessions are tailored to accommodate your preferred learning style and address the specific areas you need to improve, guiding you towards securing your spot at Cambridge.

Honed in one-to-one support with your expert Modern and Medieval Languages Cambridge tutor – all with homework and reports.

Access our specially curated library of UniAdmissions books, featuring titles that cover everything you need to know for your application. Each book is specially selected from our title of over 100 published titles.

UniAdmissions students also have full access to the UniAdmissions Academy and our UniAdmissions Reading Lists – all designed to boost your chances of success.

Finely-tuned Modern and Medieval Languages resources in a range of mediums to help you practice and learn for your application.

Our full-day, all-inclusive courses offer comprehensive guidance for each element of your application. Receive expert support for writing an Oxbridge-quality Personal Statement and mastering the Interview, brought to you by tutors who achieved top 10% rankings.

Each course offers an truly interactive experience, allowing you to ask questions to your course leader during both group sessions and in one-on-one discussions.

Highly effective one-day courses that cover key components of your application, including your Personal Statement and Interview.

When applying for Cambridge, you will need to be able to express a deeper interest in your subject through wider reading. Our Enrichment Seminars are designed to give you a head start in this area.

Each session will let you discover a variety of exciting topics from beyond the typical curriculum that will inspire you to develop your knowledge further. This will give you the best chance to impress the Cambridge admissions tutors. 

Develop a deeper understanding of your subject and go beyond your curriculum, as you would at Cambridge.

Every student will receive supplementary assistance from their designated Form Mentor.

Your Form Mentor will allow you to schedule unlimited one-on-one Mentoring Sessions with them for assistance in any areas of difficulty throughout their programme.

You’ll be assigned an academic Form Mentor for guidance and unlimited mentoring sessions.

The UniAdmissions Portal is your link between all of the support and resources offered in your Programme and you. You’ll find everything included in your Programme available in your personalised Portal account.

As a student this is your Programme Hub. With monthly updates, you’ll stay in the loop and never miss a step in your preparation. Stay informed about tasks, important dates and your progress, and be confident that you’re always on the right path!

You’ll get access upon enrolment to a Programme.

A personalised online platform which will guide you through your Programme as a student, or help you track your child’s progress as a parent.

Students applying more than 12 months ahead of time will have access to our Head Start seminars, which are geared toward students who are in the early stages of the application process. These seminars provide a solid foundation for your future education and allow you to fully benefit from your UniAdmissions Programme.

Sessions are created specifically for our Head Start students and focus on topics that help establish a solid foundation for your education and teach valuable life skills.

You will get 12 additional hours of individual support through the Head Start Programme. This extra support is purpose-built to develop essential skills to give you an early advantage over other Oxbridge applicants through a comprehensive research-based learning experience. You’ll gain skills and a deeper subject knowledge that will hugely bolster your upcoming application.

Students on our Head Start Programmes will get additional hours of one-to-one tutoring time along with their Head Start seminars.

Your Dream Offer

Every element of the support we provide is squarely focused on increasing your chance of earning a place to study at Oxford. 57% of our Engaged Students were ultimately offered their place.

Develop university-level thinking, communication, problem-solving & analytical skills. This is what Oxbridge admissions tutors are looking for.

Get first-hand guidance from Oxbridge experts who have been through the process successfully already.

You won't need any extra materials. Your Programme gives you everything you need, such as our digital library & preparation platform.

We're the trusted Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages partner for many leading schools.

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We get more students into Oxbridge each year than the top 10 schools for Oxbridge admissions.

We are the most successful school for Oxbridge applicants – we’ve helped more than 500 students get placed at Oxford and Cambridge. Our Oxbridge Programmes have been carefully designed from the ground up to ensure our students have the highest chance of success when applying to Oxbridge.

Our statistics speak for themselves.

Statistics from 2024 entry. 

What's our secret to unparalleled Oxbridge success rates?

The Portal provides the pathway to your dream offer at Oxford or Cambridge. When you enrol on your Programme, you’ll be given access to your personalised Portal which will guide you through our carefully developed curriculum. The Portal is the heart of your Programme.

Your path to Oxbridge is ready and waiting – all you need to do is follow it.

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All the Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages Programme features.

Want to know what you'll get with your Programme? Here's exactly what will be included.

Group Teaching

One-To-One Tutoring

Revision Materials

Practice Materials

Support & Feedback

Student Enrichment

Personal Statement Course

Interview Intensive Course

Weekly Group Workshops

MLLA Written Assessment Tuition

Interview Tuition

Mock Interviews

Personal Statement Guidance

Written Work Support & Guidance

Personal Statement Online Course

The Ultimate Personal Statement Guide

The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide

Personal Statement Writing

Dedicated Personal Programme Manager

24/7 Access For Tutor Support

Full Written Feedback After Each Session

Post-Session Homework

Personal Statement Marking

Introductory Onboarding Session

Your Personalised Portal

Assigned Form Mentor

Group Workshops

Exam Success Online Course

Recommended Reading List

Work Experience Support

The Ultimate Guide To Exam Success

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UniAdmissions' Formula For Oxbridge Success

The Programme is a syllabus designed to help get you your dream offer from the moment you enrol.

Over the years, we have been behind hundreds of successful Oxbridge applicants. By improving our syllabus year on year, we’ve gained an incredible insight into what works for an Oxbridge application, and what doesn’t work.

Application Advice

Personal Statement


Oxbridge Interview

Get Your Dream Offer

This is the stage that all of your work leads to, but it is not an easy feat. Find out all of the support that you can get to reach this goal within a Premium Programme. 

If you are confident in some areas of your application, such as the Personal Statement and Interview, we can also provide Programmes of support for students that cover individual areas of the Modern and Medieval Languages application.

To discuss your particular needs, reach out to our Admissions Consultants who will help create a plan of support personalised to you.

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How do I enrol?

To get started on your journey with UniAdmissions, you’ll need to arrange to speak with an Admissions Consultant who will assess your application and how viable you are as a candidate.

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Book your 30-minute consultation (free of charge) using the widget below:

We are a private selective Oxbridge preparation school.

Our mission at UniAdmissions is to get every single one of the students we work with each year onto their chosen course at Oxford or Cambridge. Every student applying to study on our Programme goes through an initial assessment with our Admissions team. This is a 30-minute consultation (free of charge) where our team assesses your viability.

We accept students onto our exclusive Programmes based upon the following:


Whether you have the right academic profile to be realistically considered by Oxford or Cambridge university.


Whether you have begun to demonstrate the kind of interest that is looked upon favourably by admissions tutors.


Whether you are approaching your application and admission to Oxbridge with the right mindset.


Applying to Oxbridge takes a significant commitment – if a student cannot commit the time, we cannot work with them.

Learn more about our admissions criteria on our UniAdmissions Students page. 


Got some questions about the Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages Premium Programme? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

If you are applying to Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge, you will sit the Modern and Medieval Languages Admissions Assessment (MMLAA). 

Oxford doesn’t offer a directly equivalent course to Modern and Medieval Languages, but they do offer a standalone Modern Languages course.

Check out our Modern Languages Oxbridge Programme page to discover how we can support you with your application. 

At UniAdmissions, we know how important wider reading is to an Oxbridge application so that is why we have our enrichment seminars. Here you will learn and develop a genuine interest in languages so you can best convey your passion and ability!

At the end of each of your sessions, your tutor will provide you with some homework to complete ahead of the next session. This allows you to guide the sessions by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, so the tutor can focus on them – much like a real supervision/tutorial at Oxbridge.