Which Admissions Test Do I Take?

There are many university entrance tests. Admissions Tests determine a candidate’s potential for an academically demanding course. The tests challenge applicants and allow admissions tutors to differentiate between able applicants and those with the highest grades in school exams. We have compiled a list of Oxbridge and Medicine undergraduate admissions tests. Find the best one for you!


2020 BMAT Results Explained

The BMAT 2020 results have finally been published by Cambridge Admissions Assessment. The BMAT is an admissions test required to apply to certain medical schools in the UK, such as Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial. The BMAT 2020 results have been released and, in this article, we will review the BMAT 2020 scores for Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3.


Successful Personal Statement For Medicine At Oxford University

Episode 10: Medical Personal Statement for Oxford, Sheffield, Bristol and Edinburgh. Medicine is one of the most competitive careers a student can apply for. Applicants to Medicine can only choose from four options, leaving the fifth option for a (usually) medical-related career. We will cover the statistics from the UCAS Statement, and delve into expert commentary from our tutors.


2020 UCAT Covid-19 Update

If you are sitting the UCAT in 2020, you’ll be aware that UCAT have been delaying registration and booking dates due to COVID-19.
As of an update on 01/06/20, UCAT have announced that registration and booking for the exam will open on the 1st of July 2020.


Student Success: Applying To Oxbridge from A State School

Even in 2021, there is a myth that only privately educated students belong at Oxbridge. No matter who you are, the transition from school to university is both exciting and nerve-wracking. For public school students, the prospect of going to university – particularly to a socially accepted ‘good’ university, such as Oxbridge or a Russell Group – has its own set of challenges.