UKCAT scores

The following information about UKCAT Scores is taken from The Ultimate UKCAT Guide: 1200 Practice Questions

How is the UKCAT Scored?

When you finish the test, the computer works out your raw UKCAT score by adding up your correct responses.  There are no mark deductions for incomplete or incorrect answers, so it’s a good idea to answer every question even if it’s a guess.  For the first four sections (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, decision analysis), this is then scaled onto a scale from 300 – 900.  The totals from each of the four sections are added together to give your overall ukcat score out of 3,600.

The Situational Judgement section includes non-cognitive abilities and so is marked differently to the other sections. You will be awarded full marks if your response completely matches the correct answer.  If your answer is close but not exactly right you will receive partial marks, and if there are no correct answers you will receive no marks. Your score is then calculated and expressed in one of four bands, band 1 being the highest and band 4 being the lowest. The band resembles how close your responses were to the assessment panel’s agreed answers. This is presented separately to the numerical score, such that every candidate’s ukcat score contains a numerical score out of 3,600 and an SJT banding.

How does my score compare?

This is always a tough question to answer, but it makes sense to refer to the average scores.  The scaling is such that around 600 represents the average score in any section, with the majority of candidates scoring between 500 and 700.  Thus a ukcat score higher than 700 is very good and a score less than 500 is very weak.

For reference, in the 2015 ukcat entry cycle the mean scores at the end of testing were 571, 684, 636 and 614 for sections 1 – 4 respectively, giving an overall mean score of 2505.  An overall ukcat score of 2180 or below was the bottom 10% of candidates and a score above 2820 was the top 10% of candidates.

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