Where to Apply with a Good UCAT Score 2019

So, you’ve managed to get a good UKCAT score for 2019 entry – congratulations! The next step is to decide where will help you take advantage of those good marks. Let’s find out…

Author: Zayra Morales

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So, you’ve managed to get a good UKCAT score for 2019 entry – congratulations! The next step is to decide where will help you take advantage of those good marks. Let’s find out…


I did well in the UKCAT – where do I start?

Well, the amazing thing is that, with a good ukcat score for 2019 entry, you have your pick of the universities! We’ll discuss some universities which have strong reputations and want a good ukcat score for 2019, then we’ll talk about universities which place an especially high emphasis on the ukcat specifically.

Glasgow has been ranked the third-best medical school in the country according to the Complete University Guide, and they will be looking for a good UKCAT score for 2019 entry.

ukcat scores are used to decide who to interview, and you need to be scoring in about the top 30% to be invited to interview here. Dundee School of Medicine would also be a great choice. It is highly ranked, at sixth in the UK, and the ukcat has a 40% weighting, with academics such as GCSEs contributing the other 60%. This means your strong ukcat can make up for weaker academic scores.


Russell Group universities including Bristol, Exeter, and Sheffield also offer competitive programmes which will prioritise good ukcat scores for 2019 entry. A few things to note here is that you may find, in older information, that Bristol has a heavy emphasis on the personal statement, with a huge 50% weighting. This system has been overhauled. They now select for interview using ukcat scores alone, interviewing those who score in the top 30%. They explicitly state that “from 2019 we will no longer be using the personal statement as a weighted component of our selection criteria”.

Exeter use predicted grades to determine who to interview, but they then use the ukcat to rank applicants if there are too many with certain predicted grades, which is likely. Again, you’ll need to be in roughly the top 30% to get an interview.

Sheffield absolutely requires a good ukcat score for 2019, as they do not allow academic grades to make up for a weak ukcat. Your ukcat is not used at interview stage, but your SJT is, so ensure that you did well in this component if you want to apply to Sheffield.

Which universities prioritise good UKCAT scores for 2019 entry?

There are some universities which place an especially high emphasis on the ukcat. This means that the ukcat score both has a heavy weighting in their decision-making process and that they will require a high score.

These universities include Newcastle, Edinburgh and St Andrews. Newcastle only interviews the top 15-20% of those who sit the ukcat, so you would be a highly competitive candidate here with a top score. They do not look at personal statements or references before the interview, so you should be really confident in your scores to apply here.

Edinburgh does not interview, so there is a high emphasis on your academic results (50%) and ukcat score (20%). The SJT also counts for 15% independent of the overall score, so this is a great option if you performed well on that component.

St Andrews use the ukcat scores at two key points in the application process: they choose who to interview out of those who meet the requirements on the basis of the top ukcat scores. Then, after the interview, they use ukcat scores to differentiate between applicants who have identical interview scores. So, if you’ve got a good ukcat score for 2019, you can guarantee that it will come in handy during a St Andrews application.


So many options! How do I choose?

Well, as always with applying to university, you need to look carefully at what matters to you! If you’re focused on league tables, then Glasgow and Dundee had strong showings in 2018, while Sheffield and Newcastle score highly on student satisfaction.

You should also consider the kind of place you’d like to be during your studies, as there are significant differences between the lifestyle in places like Exeter and St Andrews compared with Newcastle or Bristol. With a strong ukcat, the world is your oyster, so you can choose your place very carefully. Good luck!

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Is My Glasgow UKCAT Score Enough to Get Me In?

As results start flooding in, it’s time to research which schools will accept your ukcat score. If Glasgow is at the top of your list of Universities, it’s best to look into what type of ukcat scores they look at from their successful medical applicants. Find out the lowest and highest scores accepted to get into Glasgow and get an idea of what score is expected of you.

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