When should I start preparing for my medical interview?

So you are going to apply for a medical course at a UK university. Many students are eager to understand what is involved in preparing for the medical interview and how they can start to get a better position for it. Apart from the standard parts of the application process common to all courses.

Last Updated: 23rd October 2018

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So, you’re applying to a medical course at a university in the UK.

Many students are anxious to understand what preparing for medical interview involves and how they can start getting a better position for it. Apart from the standard parts of the application process common to all courses, you will be aware that there is an interview component to the medicine application process.

It helps, as part of your planning, to understand at a high level what the time frame is between now and your interviews.

This way you can manage your preparation more effectively and ensure you don’t run out of time to prepare fully. Preparing for medical interview is tough, so this blog should help make the process a little less daunting.

When to begin

You should start preparing for your interview as soon as you have completed the Personal Statement part of the application process (check out how to create an outstanding personal statement here). Oxbridge and medical applicants have a deadline on the 15th of October for their personal statement. Therefore, in order to be organised and maximise your chance of success, it is around this time that you should start turning your attention to the interview. However, if you can start preparing for interview earlier then do so! Even in the summer holidays of your A-Levels can be valuable time to use.

Preparing for medical interview

It is useful to review your personal statement and familiarise yourself thoroughly with its content. This is something you can be doing as you are writing it and after it is submitted on the 15th of October. Ensure that you have read thoroughly the texts you mention in your personal statement and that you are prepared to discuss the conferences you mention you have attended or the work experience/volunteering opportunities you have pursued.

UniAdmissions run courses to support applicants to Medicine courses with their interview preparation in November. These intensive courses are run by expert tutors and will form an important part of your successful preparation for the interview. Another great way to prepare is to read about students experiences and advice – check out our tutor’s articles on interviews:

How to answer the hardest Oxbridge interview questions >>>

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When will the interviews be?

Preparing for medical interview means understanding the timeframes. The interview season for Medicine varies from university to university. While Oxbridge interviews tend to be held over the first two weeks of December, for non-Oxbridge universities they can be into January and even February. It is probably better to assume that they will be earlier (in December and early January) rather than later (late January and February) in order to ensure you have sufficient time to prepare thoroughly.

Preparing for medical interview – what next?

Create a timetable, including milestones and the key dates coming up for the medical interview. This will allow you plan well ahead and ensure you have sufficient time to prepare.

Review the personal statement, ensure you are familiar with the types of question that may be asked in the interview based on what you have written.

Book yourself in for Uniadmissions intensive one day courses, which provide invaluable insight into the interview process, and will ensure you are completely prepared.

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