A Guide to the Nottingham Medicine Interview

Here’s a handy guide for all things to do with a Nottingham medicine interview. In this post, Kate talks about things to think about beforehand, the day itself, and her top 3 tips to succeed!

Author: Kate Coomby

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Here’s a handy guide for all things to do with a Nottingham medicine interview.

In this post, Kate talks about things to think about beforehand, the day itself, and her top 3 tips to succeed!




Nottingham, as with many other medical schools, start their testing before the actual interview day. The first hurdles to overcome are simple administrative tasks. Failure to complete them may set you back or render your application void. You will likely receive emails from all of the medical schools who have offered you interviews asking for the documents below. Please make sure you respond to this in plenty of time as this is the easy part. It would be such a shame to lose out at this stage after having put so much work into your personal statements:

  1. Copies of your passport, driving licence, bank statement and visa (for international students)
  2. Evidence of volunteering
  3. GCSE certificates and AS Levels
  4. Anything else necessary for your application

This may vary from year to year so it’s still worth checking with the medical school which documents they require – you can do that here:


Most, if not all, of these documents will be required on the interview day! Get them ready a week early and put them aside for your own peace of mind.


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On the day of the Nottingham medicine interview, you will assemble at the medical school. Remember to leave a good amount of time to arrive as the rush-hour traffic can be quite bad! Now is when all of your documents will be checked.

You will be in a room with lots of other applicants so try to make some friendly conversation – it will help ease the nerves! Another system that Nottingham employs to help with this aspect is the “ice-breaker” questions.

The Nottingham medicine interview format is multiple mini interviews (MMI) which echoes the OSCE exam style that you will sit in Medical School if you gain a place. This is where there are around eight stations to rotate around with a different examiner and scenario in each station. In the first station you will get the “ice-breaker” questions to settle you in. After this, you are into the real station.


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A Nottingham medicine interview uses scenarios as the main test.

Two of these will involve role play with an actor. If you can, ask a family member to practice the role play with you as you don’t want to be thrown by something you probably won’t have encountered before.

Other examples of scenarios to expect are logic puzzles. This is where there are no right or wrong answers and the interviewer just wants to see your thought process. Expect questions like:

  • You are stranded in a jungle with no means of escape, what are your priorities and explain how you would go about survival.
  • How much does a mountain weigh?

With questions like these, do not jump in with an answer. Think logically and ask questions – the interviewer may not answer them, but asking questions such as “do we know the density of the rock?” will show them that you are thinking of other problems that you may face when calculating an answer.


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  1. Practice lots of questions with family and friends. If you have a friend also applying to medicine then practice together. If you know an aspiring actor, ask them to cry and try to console them. This is a possible Nottingham medicine interview station! Practice is key to dampening nerves on the day.
  2. Check out the Nottingham FAQs to make sure you know everything you need to do and need to bring on the day – don’t fall at the first hurdle!
  3. Take the time in between each station to read carefully what the next station is comprised of and go in with some kind of plan – this will help you to overcome the shock of a station and give your thoughts structure.



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