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What are the Cambridge Medicine interview statistics? As one of the world's top universities, Cambridge demands exceptional standards from its applicants. Medicine at Cambridge is no different, and competition for a place is fierce. Let's take a look at some of the Cambridge medical interview statistics: ....

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What are the Cambridge Medicine Interview Statistics?

As one of the top universities in the world, Cambridge demands an exceptional standard from its applicants. Medicine at Cambridge is no different, and competition for a place is fierce. If your child is applying for this course, you will no doubt want to know what kind of odds they are up against, and what to expect from the process.

So let’s take a look at some of the Cambridge medicine interview statistics….

The Medical Degree at Cambridge receives one of the highest numbers of applicants each year. Cambridge is famous for its scientific degrees, and as with other available courses there, the medical degree at Cambridge has its own unique flavour.

This degree has a much stronger focus on the scientific method and theory behind medicine. They even hold off student/patient contact for the first few years of the degree. This makes medicine at Cambridge one of the most intellectual and theoretical medical degrees out there. There are a huge number of applicants, ranging around 1,350 prospecting students, while some other degrees receive only a few hundred applications annually.


What are the Statistics Relating to Cambridge Medicine

Unfortunately, the statistics relating to the applications, interviews, and offers for 2018 are not yet available for viewing by the public. The freedom of information act only allows the stats from as recently as 2017 to be publicly known.

For that year, however, we can see the following the results for Cambridge medicine interview statistics/application:

Applications made                                                    – 1,341

Number of offers given                                             – 292

Number of offers successfully met                         – 257

Overall % chance of a successful application       – 19.2%


The year before, in 2016, the results show similarities in the number of applications made and the success rates:


Applications made                                                     – 1,274

Number of offers given                                              – 290

Number of offers successfully met                          – 269

Overall % chance of a successful application        – 21.1%


From this, Cambridge University states that there are roughly 5 applicants per place. They also ask that for the 270 or so spaces in total, only around 20 of them are available for overseas fees students.

What About the Statistics for Those Called in for Interviews?

While Cambridge University does not release the statistics relating to how many people that applied were called in for interviews, their official statement was that anyone who applies that meets the criteria and has a reasonable chance of becoming a student there (for any degree course) will be called in to interview. They estimate this to be around about 75% of those that apply.


As this is applied to all degrees, there is most likely variation from course to course, but the official records to study the Cambridge Medicine interview statistics are not available.


In short, all one can say is that if your child has a good academic record to date and a sufficiently impressive personal statement, it is likely that they will be called in for an interview, and should be prepared for this eventuality. We’ve written some guidance and tips on the interview and listed the types of Cambridge interview questions medicine applicants will be asked in their interview.


Being one of the top universities in the world, your child’s academic record must be fairly impressive for the application to be considered for an interview. While there is no official statement from Cambridge on what grades the applicant must have, it is expected that applicants should be applying with a good spread of A*s and As at GSCE and predicted A levels (or marks somewhere in the 40s for the International Baccalaureate). Cambridge is likely to ask for excellent grades (or predicted grades) specifically in Biology, Chemistry, and Maths for students applying for Medicine.


The interview process itself for Medicine at Cambridge comprises of at least two different interviews – one with the college of choice, and another with the faculty to allow the student’s application to be pooled to other colleges if they perform well in their initial interview but their college of choice does not have enough space to give them an offer.


This system greatly increases the applicant’s chance of being offered a place, as it subverts the particular availability of individual colleges. It can be hard enough knowing which college to apply for without having to worry about which one has the most spaces for Medicine while also offering the best teaching standards.


However, if your child hasn’t already taken that head start looking into colleges, take a look at how they can go about choosing a Cambridge college.

The Affect of Choosing the Right College

The statistics and policies on interview and acceptance rates will almost certainly vary somewhat from college to college, so it is worth doing your research on which college is best for your child. This is not only in terms of facilities and university experience but also in terms of chances of success.

While the pooling system sometimes allocates students to colleges regardless of their initial choice, it is still worth knowing where to apply in the first place, as it may well affect the outcome of the application as a whole. However, remember that overall the college of choice will be flexible due to the pooling system.


Read one student’s experience of the Cambridge winter pool >>>


It is important to remember that at the end of the day, these are just statistics, and they do not define the chances of your child getting an interview, offer, or even a place. These stats can be disheartening to people looking at the success rates for Cambridge for the first time, but just remember that it is by no means impossible, and there is nothing to lose by just trying! The only sure statistic is that 100% of people who did not apply were not offered places!

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