Keele BMAT: How do they use your score?

Author: Zayra Morales

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What is the Keele BMAT Cut Off 2018?

The Keele BMAT Cut Off 2018, among other medical schools, is something you need to research into. This is important because Keele only uses the BMAT for international students. 

For home/EU students, Keele medical school looks at the UKCAT.

The BMAT scores are assessed differently depending on each medical school. The other medical schools using the BMAT as part of their admissions testing include Imperial College, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Brighton & Sussex, Lancaster, and Leeds.

The Keele BMAT cut off 2018 remains fairly vague, given that only international students are assessed on the BMAT, and thus there is only a small pool of candidates for which it is used.


What do we know about the Keele BMAT cut off 2018?

The medical school has commented on the Keele BMAT cut off 2018 saying that only those from overseas must sit the test. International students who are applying must also sit the test in the year that they submit their application.

Therefore, Keele does not specify a particular BMAT cut off for entry to the A100 Medicine five-year course for international students. Instead, all they state is that sitting the BMAT is compulsory for International students.

The Keele BMAT cut off 2018 is based on the scores of the candidates applying. Applicants are ranked before the interview ias long as they fulfil the academic requirements for admission. For school leavers doing GCSEs and A-levels, these academic requirements are:

  • 5As including a minimum of B (6) in maths, English language, and science
  • A*AA to AAA on A levels

More details on the requirements for entry to the Keele medicine course, and the equivalent requirements for other international academic qualifications, can be found on the University’s website.


How does the Keele BMAT cut off 2018 compare to other years?

The Keele BMAT cut off 2018 cannot be compared to other years’ given Keele University do not publish their BMAT cut-offs.



Further information and guidance

You can find more information on the national averages for the BMAT scores for each year the test has been sat on the Admissions Testing website.

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What is a Good BMAT Score?

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