UKCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips

These UKCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips are taken from The Ultimate UKCAT Guide: 1200 Practice Questions

Your State of Mind

This is the first section of the UKCAT, so you’re bound to have some nerves.  Ensure that you have been to the toilet because once the exam starts you cannot simply pause and go.  Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down.  Try to shut out distractions and get yourself into your exam mindset.  If you’re well prepared, you can remind yourself of that to help keep calm.  See it as a job to do and look at the test as an opportunity.  If you perform well it will boost your chances of getting into good medical schools.  If the worst happens, there are plenty of good medical schools that do not use ukcat, so all is not lost.


Time pressure is a recurring theme throughout the ukcat, but it is especially important in Section 1, where you have only 30 seconds per question and a lot of information to take in.

Read Carefully

You should read carefully to see what the question is asking.  Sometimes the question will simply need you to find a phrase in the text.  In other instances, your critical thinking skills will be needed and you’ll have to carefully analyse the information presented to you.

Be a Lawyer

Put on your most critical and analytical hat for the verbal reasoning section!  Carefully analyse the statements like you’re in a court room.  Then look for the evidence!  Examine the passage closely, looking for evidence that either supports or contradicts the statement.  Remember you’re making decisions based on ONLY the passage, not using any prior knowledge.  Does the passage agree or disagree?  If there isn’t enough evidence to decide, don’t be afraid to say “cannot tell”.