UKCAT Decision Making Tips

These UKCAT Decision Making Tips are taken from The Ultimate UKCAT Guide: 1200 Practice Questions

To do well in the decision making section you need brush up on your maths skills around probability and Venn diagrams.

Think about timing

Timing is important in this sub-test.  Flag questions that you are unsure about in the  decision making section and come back to them at the end.

Write it out

It might help you to write out or draw the information given to you in the questions, therefore it is really important that you make sure that you have your pen and notebook to hand so that you don’t waste time.

Use the tutorial

Some of the questions may require you to drag and drop the correct response. Make sure that you are familiar with using this feature by practising with the Tour Tutorial.

Consider all sides

Some items will ask you to weigh arguments for and against a solution to a particular problem which will require you to be able to suspend your own beliefs to really consider all sides.5698,5163″] [/blogmod]