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Author: Adi Sen

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Choosing The Best UCAT Course

If you choose to attend a UCAT Course as part of your preparation, remember our 4 key points to ensure you choose the best UCAT course:

  1. Check the Company
  2. Check the Resources
  3. Check the Group Size
  4. Check the Support

Lots of students attend UCAT courses every year, but with so many companies providing them, it can be hard to select the right one. If you’re confused, don’t worry! Follow our checklist for choosing the right UCAT course for you.

Check the Company

Look at the company and make sure you’re booking a the best UCAT course. Beware of any incredible claims about results that the course can bring you – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

Check the Resources

Look for a company that provides great resources such as UCAT Books, mock tests, practice questions and online lectures that help you to consolidate your learning from the course in a structured way. In addition, a company with comprehensive and up-to-date resources is likely to be more organised and established, so great resources are usually a sign of an excellent UCAT course.

Check the Group Size

Some companies offer guaranteed small group sizes, and this is great because you can ask questions and get individual help if there’s anything you’re struggling with. This way, you can get a lot more out of the course.

Check the Support

The UCAT is a tough exam – you can’t become perfect in a day. Instead, you need to practice regularly so that you can develop the techniques you’ve learnt. Therefore look for a course with ongoing tutor support until test day. That way if you have any questions or difficulties, you’ll get the expert help you need. This is an important factor that can help you find the best UCAT course.


Should I book a UCAT Course or One-to-one Tuition?

There are two options with a UCAT course; online and physical.

With a UCAT online course, you can practice whenever you like and have access to the practice questions for as long as you’d like – the benefit is convenience.

With a physical UCAT course, you are roped into a time and day, but you are taught by a real person and you can ask questions as you go along. The courses will generally cram a lot more information in one day.

The drawback of both is that the experience is not fully personal, although a smaller class on a physical course can be more personal.

For a more comprehensive experience that will be far more personal, private UCAT tuition is the best way forward.

You will be assigned a tutor who is an expert in the field and an experienced tutor. They will be able to focus on your strengths and weaknesses, then tutor you accordingly. This is the best way to improve your score as you can practice with your tutor, albeit the most expensive.

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