BMAT Section 1

The following information is taken from The Ultimate BMAT Guide: 600 Practice Questions

This is the first section of the BMAT test and as you walk in, it is inevitable that you will feel nervous. Make sure that you have been to the toilet because once it starts you won’t have time to go. Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down. Remember that panicking will not help and may negatively affect your marks- so try and avoid this as much as possible.

You have one hour to answer 35 questions in section 1. The questions fall into three categories:

– Problem Solving
– Data Handling
– Critical Thinking

Whilst BMAT Section 1 is renowned for being difficult to prepare for, there are powerful shortcuts and techniques that you can use to save valuable time on these types of questions.

You have approximately 100 seconds per question; this may sound like a lot but given that you’re often required to read and analyse passages or graphs- it can often not be enough. Nevertheless, this section is not as time pressured as BMAT section 2 so most students usually finish the majority of questions in time. However, some questions in this section are very tricky and can be a big drain on your limited time. The people who fail to complete BMAT section 1 are those who get bogged down on a particular question.

Therefore, it is vital that you start to get a feel for which questions are going to be easy and quick to do and which ones should be left till the end.  The best way to do this is through practice and the questions in the Ultimate BMAT Guide offer extensive opportunities for you to do so.