What are the Oxbridge Medicine Entry Requirements?

Oxbridge Medicine Entry Requirements: The Breakdown. The Oxbridge medicine entry requirements cover a broad range of criteria, from academic to health, and fitness to practise. We have outlined them all here, as long with some helpful links for further information.

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Oxbridge Medicine Entry Requirements: The Breakdown

The Oxbridge medicine entry requirements cover a broad range of criteria, from academic to health, and fitness to practise. We have outlined them all here, as long with some helpful links for further information.


Oxbridge medicine entry requirements can be broken down into the following criteria:

  • Academic grades
  • Age
  • The BMAT
  • Personal characteristics
  • Health and fitness to work
  • Work experience

These relate specifically to academic study at Oxbridge, but also the capability to successfully work as a doctor following your degree.


  1. Grade and Subject Oxbridge medicine entry requirements

The official grade requirements for Oxford and Cambridge vary slightly.

Cambridge’s typical offer is A*A*A whilst Oxford’s is A*AA. That being said, there are exceptions to these offers, and whilst many candidates will at least achieve these grades, the universities can make exceptions for certain candidates based on context.

It is recommended you check your specific college website for any variations on these and other Oxbridge medicine entry requirements, as some colleges may vary.

In terms of the subject requirements, for both Oxford and Cambridge Chemistry is a must. There must also be at least one other subject among Biology, Physics, and Mathematics.

Cambridge stresses on their website that in the past three years of admissions 98% of medicine applicants have had three or more science and mathematics A-Levels. This means that if you are looking at Oxbridge universities with a view to choosing you’re A-level subjects, at least one other science or mathematics subjects ought to be chosen.


  1. Age

Oxbridge medicine science entry requirements stipulate that the candidate’s age will be taken into account in your application. This is because of the national restriction of age for the clinical elements to the medical sciences course.

Candidates applying for Cambridge must be 18 years old by the start of the second term of first-year. (This is when you would be starting the clinical elements to the course).

Oxford states that candidates need to be 18 years old before starting the course, so make note that the universities differ slightly here.


  1. Health and Fitness to Work

Both universities on their Oxbridge medicine entry requirements pages also include the importance of the health and fitness of their candidates. This is a requirement because of the needs to allow them to be capable of practising medicine. For further information on these requirements check out Oxford’ Health Services page or Cambridge’s equivalent health services info page.


  1. Work Experience

It is highly recommended that candidates take part in some sort of relevant work experience, voluntary or paid, in a health-related area. This isn’t a strict requirement for the course, but it is a great way to show your passion and understanding for medical sciences and your motivation for intense study at degree level. A great moment to include this work experience is, of course, your personal statement!


  1. Criteria of the Oxbridge medicine entry requirements

Throughout the application process, the entry requirements involve looking for certain characteristics which make up a good doctor. These include empathy, honesty and integrity, communication and ethical awareness. These are important skills for doctors to have, and you can find a full list of what Oxford is looking for in their Oxbridge medicine entry requirements online.


  1. BMAT

For both universities, part of the Oxbridge medicine entry requirements involves taking the BMAT. This is quite a different test to what you may be used to, and both universities have pages with further information on it.

What is more, we offer a BMAT Intensive Course for problem-solving and time-saving techniques and strategies, which can be super useful in preparing you for the test.


  1. Interviews

If you are successful with these other Oxbridge medicine entry requirements, you may be asked to an interview. This may require some preparation on your part, and we offer a full Oxbridge medicine interview package.


In Summary…

Overall, your application will be taken as a whole. Make sure you study the right subjects to A level or equivalent, get good grades and demonstrate your passion and understanding of medicine through work experience, you will be in a good position for the application.

It is then about a successful completion of the BMAT and the interviews. If you take an organised approach and be aware of these elements from the beginning, you’ll be putting yourself in good stead for a successful application!

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