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This easy-to-use Personal Statement cheat sheet will tell you everything you need to know to start crafting the perfect Personal Statement.

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Knowing where to start with your Personal Statement can be tough, especially if you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge, which demand extremely well written Personal Statements from their applicants.

We have the created the perfect resoruce get you started on your Personal Statement journey. This easy-to-use Personal Statement cheat sheet will tell you everything you need to know to start crafting the perfect Personal Statement.

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What is a personal statement?

Your Personal Statement is your chance to show the universities you apply to who you really are. The rest of the application is faceless statistics – the Personal Statement gives the admissions tutor the opportunity to look beyond those statistics and focus on the real you, the person they may spend at least three years teaching their subject to.

Do I need to write a Personal Statement?

Every single UCAS applicant needs to write a Personal Statement to support their university application.

What is the Personal Statement deadline?

The final deadline is the 31st of January for the majority of subjects. For Medicine, Dentistry and Oxbridge, be aware there is an earlier deadline date of the 16th of October.

The Introduction – why do you want to study this subject?

What subject are you applying for?

What motivated you to apply for this subject?

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The Main Body – broken up into paragraphs

PARAGRAPH #1 – Why are you suited for the subject?

This should have a hard focus on the academic arguments to answer this question. Talk about future ambitions relevant to the degree, and what makes the course right for you.

PARAGRAPH #2 – Still why are you suited for the subject?

This can be less academic – think: work experience, personal motivations, relevant awards and competitions.

PARAGRAPH #3 – What extracurricular activities do you have?

Show you’re a well-rounded person but also apply these activities to your chosen course. Don’t get carried away here – this should be the shortest paragraph in the main body.

Things To Avoid In Your Personal Statement

The Conclusion – leaving a good impression

You should put into context what you have already written and leave a good final impression!

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