What Is Relevant Work Experience?

Finding work experience isn’t hard, but making sure it’s relevant is much harder. University careers are incredibly competitive and demonstrating real-world experience and industry knowledge is a great way to stand out and show your passion for your chosen career. To help you in your university admissions process, we explain what counts as relevant and beneficial work experience.


Successful Personal Statement For Medicine At Oxford University

Episode 10: Medical Personal Statement for Oxford, Sheffield, Bristol and Edinburgh. Medicine is one of the most competitive careers a student can apply for. Applicants to Medicine can only choose from four options, leaving the fifth option for a (usually) medical-related career. We will cover the statistics from the UCAS Statement, and delve into expert commentary from our tutors.

Personal Statement series Episode 2: Dentistry

Successful Personal Statement For Dentistry At King’s College London

Episode 2: Dentistry Personal Statement For Birmingham. As we did last week, we’ll show you a successful REAL UCAS Personal Statement submitted by an applicant to study Dentistry at Birmingham university. You’ll find out exactly which uni’s accepted this applicant, which didn’t and what our Dentistry tutor’s expert comments have to say about the statement.