What Makes a Good Personal Statement Oxford Will Love?

Writing a personal statement that Oxford likes is a much talked about (and sometimes intimidating) task. However, this does not have to be the case. Although the application process can be tough and scary at times, especially for Oxford,

Author: Zayra Morales

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What Makes a Good Personal Statement Oxford Will Love?

Writing a personal statement Oxford would love is a much talked about (and sometimes intimidating) task to undertake. However, this does not have to be the case. Whilst the application process can be tough and frightening at times, especially for Oxford,  remember that the personal statement is where you are in control. You choose what to show the tutors. It is a sure-fire way to demonstrate your passion for your subject and why you would be a good addition to the university.

Basic points to remember when writing your personal statement for Oxford:

  • Make 100% sure that there are no grammatical or syntactical errors as sloppy mistakes are never a good first impression.
  • Ensure that it is the right length and that you send it in on time. Be organised!
  • Keep the language clear, concise and direct and do not go off on tangents. This is distracting and suggests a lack of focus.

And there are more top tips on how to write a good personal statement for Oxford at UniAdmissions to make sure you nail the first steps of this application process.


The difference when applying to Oxford:

Oxford is a highly competitive university to get into. The personal statement is the first bit of information the university will receive about you so it’s important you make a good first impression. Also, unlike some universities, Oxford use this as an opportunity and useful tool to test the candidate. During the interview, the tutor will often pull apart your statement seeking for inconsistencies. Therefore it is vital that you know every area of your personal statement extremely well and that you can talk about it confidently.

The information that you put into the personal statement, therefore, has to be suitably academic, interesting and varied.

It’s also best to mention five or six areas of the subject that you are interested in and would like to know more about. You should make reference as to why you find it fascinating and your thoughts on it.

Advice from the Experts

Start writing your personal statement with a little help from our dedicated personal statement service. With any one of our services, we can help you write that perfect personal statement. When it comes to writing your Oxford personal statement, you need help editing your statement or perhaps some advice on what to include. Whatever it is we’ve got the support you need.

Last things to do before submitting your personal statement to Oxford

Before the Oxford personal statement deadline, it’s important that you have:

  • Asked your teachers at school (and tutors if you have them) to read your personal statement over and give their opinion. This ensures that it is clear, includes the necessary information and that is appropriate.
  • Make sure that you ask the person who teaches the subject you are applying for to read it over – they will have probably gone through a similar process when they were applying to university and will have a good idea of what to include in terms of the subject content.

Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

You should clearly express your passion and enthusiasm for learning and for your subject. Grab their attention and peak their interest- it’s a sure fire way of a successful personal statement.

Ensure you communicate the specific areas of the Oxford course you are interested in, and how you are eager to learn in a more general capacity.

These are just some extra top tips to enhance your personal statement.

Useful Support:

This article is just a starting point to help you sort out what a personal statement should look like when you apply to Oxford. If you feel that you need more help and guidance on another part of the admissions process, please check out the UniAdmissions page for more application packages. (Whatever subject you are looking to study, there will be a package to suit you!)

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