How to make your child’s personal statement stand out?

To create a personal statement Cambridge will remember is a goal that any child and their parent strive to achieve. What is a personal statement? Cambridge University requires a personal statement from every applicant no matter what college they are applying to. It is one of the major determinants of a successful application, together with a NSAA test and interview.

What help you can offer to improve your child’s Cambridge personal statement:

  1. Writing an introduction

The introduction is an important part of the personal statement for Cambridge. It is in the first paragraph, approximately 5-6 sentences long, where you can really spark their imagination and grab the reader’s attention. This is the part that often gives the most “artistic” license to your essay. It is used to shortly describe a story or an anecdote from the student’s own personal life that perhaps brought him/her into the subject they want to study and is motivating them to pursue a career in it.

Stories from childhood are often very valuable to put down at this stage: early signs of curiosity, any little projects done at a young age, or even at primary school that. Although small in their scale, reveal genuine and authentic motivation and passion.

Also, some major events that occurred in the family, good or bad, that could have had a powerful motivating influence on the child to start their pursuit in the subject would be of much use.


Although your child should know the same stories as you remember them, occasionally this is not the case. It will help to sit down with your child and remind each other of the stories that both of you might have even forgotten. Doing this will pinpoint the events in life that are the foundation of the curiosity to study the chosen subject. Cambridge University will look for topics that will spark a conversation in an interview.


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Support in Writing a Personal Statement

We understand that writing a personal statement for Cambridge is an important stage of the application process. As one of the only chances to show a University what you are made of, it’s important to get it right!

The package includes everything from proofreading, feedback, and suggestions from experienced Oxbridge tutors who know just what they will look out for.

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2. Support the projects of your child

Any creative ideas that your child has, should be supported whether they’re successful or failures. Both will be equally valuable information to put on the personal statement

External projects show that a student is not only bound to the classroom but has his/her own creative thoughts and is willing to implement them.

Help them financially and encourage them to get involved in concerts, competitions, science Olympiads or any other contests. Even with the deadline of the application nearing, it is still not too late:

  • Fund a trip to a subject-related camp
  • Suggest volunteering activities
  • Help them find a small job in the field to increase the quality of the things that could be put in the statement


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3. Offer professional help from the specialists

UniAdmissions team also has a range of professionals who offer help in writing, editing and improving the Personal Statement’s content and style. Service available both by personal Skype calls or even live face-to-face sessions has proven to be a highly popular service among UniAdmissions users.

Need further editing services for your child’s personal statement?

Our Oxbridge tutors know exactly what to look for in a personal statement. It’s what makes them the perfect editor for your child’s personal statement. Cambridge tutors are personally selected for your child’s application and they will provide full written feedback within three working days of submission!

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4. Help your child with deadlines

Things can get rather busy during the application period and it is easy to get lost in the number of things that need to be done and lose track of time. As parents, you are in a great spot for reminding your children and helping to meet the deadlines, booking the NSAA tests, and gathering the necessary documents. Simply speaking, be around them during the application and you will soon see that help can be offered on multiple occasions!

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