TSA Section 2: The Essay

Section 2 of the TSA is an extended essay responding to an excerpt of text. The best way to guide you through this section is to start with the basics. In this guide, we will outline the basics of Section 2, explain how to structure your essays and leave you with some final useful tips.

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TSA Scoring and Results

TSA Scoring: What Is A Good TSA Score?

When you’re preparing for the TSA one thing you’re going to want to know straight away is how the exam is scored and what you can expect from your results. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about how your score is determined.

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Preparing Your Oxford PPE Application

The PPE is a very demanding course offered by only about 30 universities in the UK, including the University of Oxford. The admissions process for the course is equally demanding but will vary depending on which university you apply to. Therefore, you should be aware of the whole process and give yourself the best chance of getting in.

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ECAA or TSA, Which Should I Take?

Are you interested in economics, wondering which degrees require the TSA or curious about what the ECAA means? We explain the two entrance exams, which universities require it and which degrees require the specific test. You will learn that Cambridge is not just about taking the ECAA and that the TSA is not just an entrance test for Oxford.

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How to Apply TSA Critical Thinking Skills in the Test

How to apply TSA critical thinking skills in the Thinking Skills Assessment. TSA Critical thinking skills are one of the requirements applicants are expected to demonstrate. The written test tests required skills such as communication skills, writing skills and critical thinking skills; the latter will be the focus of this article.

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