Preparing Your PPE Application

Preparing for entry to the PPE. The PPE is a very demanding course offered by only about 30 universities in the UK. The admissions process for the course is equally demanding, but will vary depending on which university you apply to. Therefore, you should be aware of the whole process and give yourself the best chance of getting in.

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Why does Oxford use the TSA test?

The TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) is a test that Oxford University requires of applicants applying for certain courses.
These courses vary widely and include some of the University’s most competitive courses, such as Economics and Management, PPE and Philosophy. So why exactly do applicants have to take the TSA?

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TSA Section 2: The Essay

This section is not a brain dump of academic knowledge! This section is all about your ability to write a structured, logical and reasonable argument. The question will not be subject specific; you will not need any prerequisite knowledge to answer it. However, having residual knowledge about a topic will help!

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TSA Section 1: Problem Solving | UniAdmissions Guide

Problem Solving questions are difficult to prepare for…This is an accepted statement, and one that we do agree with, but we disagree with the naysayers who say it can’t be prepared for! To show you how, here are our top methods for revising and tackling problem-solving questions.

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TSA Section 1: Critical Thinking | UniAdmissions Guide

What does TSA Critical Thinking require? TSA Critical Thinking questions require you to understand the constituents of a good argument and be able to pick them apart. The majority of TSA Critical thinking questions tend to fall into 5 major categories, let’s take a deep dive into each category.

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The Complete TSA Guide | UniAdmissions

What Is The TSA? The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is an aptitude test taken by students who are applying to certain courses at Oxford and UCL. Oxford applicants sit the TSA Oxford and UCL applicants (surprise, surprise) sit the TSA UCL.

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