What You Need to Know About the Cambridge Law Test

The Cambridge Law test is designed to assess your aptitude for law by testing your comprehension and exposition skills.

The University of Cambridge state explicitly in their pre-release material (and when they’re communicating with potential applicants) that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of law in order to be successful in this exam. In other words, a candidate who had studied Law at A-Level would not be given any particular advantage over someone who was studying History and English.


What happens on the day of the Cambridge Law test?

The Cambridge Law test is sat on the day of the interview and is one hour in length. There will only be one single essay question in the exam, and you will have a choice from a number of different questions.

The questions in the exam tend to take different formats. Some of the questions are prefaced with a quote and it is then for the candidate to either challenge or support this statement. Here, the examiner will be looking for a coherent and logical chain of thought from candidates. Addressing the question directly and marshalling evidence in support of propositions presented is crucial. This is the basis of a strong and coherent essay.


Where does it fit in the application process?

The CLT exam is considered alongside a range of factors when assessing the suitability of candidates to study Law at Cambridge. It is not the case that a relatively poor performance in the CLT exam would relinquish your chances of gaining entry. However, it is still the case that this is an important part of the process and a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write coherently and produce a strong sense of an argument.

It is important to prepare thoroughly for the exam and perform to the best of your ability; a slightly weaker performance in the interview could be compensated by a strong exam score for instance. Students who attend UniAdmissions’ intensive one day course are more likely to achieve higher results in the exam and will be prepared for the academic rigour demanded by the questions.


What should I do next?

The Cambridge Law Test is fast approaching and you need to prepare for the test as soon as possible. In some ways, it’s lucky to have the test and interview in one day. It means that you can do all your preparation at once rather than have it drag out. However, the most important part of preparing for any test or interview is starting early! Forms of preparation for the CLAT should include completing timed practice essay questions from the material available through college, the university website, UniAdmissions where you can find mock and past papers.

Failing that there is always a personalised tuition programme available at UniAdmissions…..

Bespoke Cambridge Law Test Tuition

UniAdmissions offer a comprehensive tuition package for students wishing to apply for Law at Cambridge and who are sitting the CLAT. These courses are the best way to prepare for the exam, familiarise yourself with the content of it and gain exposure to experts in the field. Our tutors have been through the process of applying to Oxbridge and they can support you in achieving the best results possible in the CLAT exam.

What is studying law like at Cambridge?

Get the truth behind the myths surrounding life at Cambridge University and find out what it’s really like studying law at the University. Read this for all the answers around the course: the choice of subjects included in the syllabus, the lectures, the essays and how much workload there really is throughout your studies!