Important LNAT Test Dates for your Calendar

Important LNAT Test Dates for your Calendar. If you’re thinking about, or you have already booked to take, the LNAT exam as part of your university application; it is helpful to get an understanding of the key LNAT test dates involved.

Author: Zayra Morales

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Important LNAT Test Dates for your Calendar

If you’re thinking about, or you have already booked to take, the LNAT exam as part of your university application; it is helpful to get an understanding of the key LNAT test dates involved.


With an understanding of the upcoming deadlines, you will have plenty of time to organise and prepare yourself for the upcoming exam. It will also mean that you can make an effective revision timeline, which marks the key milestones along the way.

The LNAT test dates begin in September and they run through the autumn period. It is possible to take the LNAT as late as January for some applicants; however, it is sensible to book a slot before Christmas if possible. Having a view of LNAT test dates will help you prepare.


LNAT test dates: What about Oxford applicants?

The process is slightly different for Oxford LNAT applicants. This is because the UCAS process work by students applying to Oxbridge on a different timeframe.

Applicants for these universities must submit their UCAS applications by 15th October. Therefore, you must ensure that you have sat your LNAT exam before 20th October at the very latest if you are looking to apply to Oxford.

Given the tighter timeframes for Oxbridge applicants and the pressing time constraints, it is advisable to begin preparing for your LNAT exam as soon as possible.

Getting ahead with revision during the summer holiday and in September will put you in a better position for the exam. Also, because of the tight Oxbridge deadlines with the personal statement, it is better to be organised with the exam preparation to ensure you perform well in every aspect of your application.


LNAT Test Dates for Other Universities

For non-Oxbridge applicants, it is possible to sit the LNAT examination at any time up until 20th January. This means you have more time to prepare and revise for the exam through the autumn and winter. That said, it is still advisable to spread your revision over a period of time, rather than pushing it too close to the day of the exam.

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Summary: Key Things to Bear in Mind with LNAT Test Dates

  • Make sure you plan your revision strategy effectively. The dates set out in this blog provide you with milestones. You will need at least a month in advance to revise for the exam.
  • Remember the deadlines for Oxbridge and non-Oxbridge applicants are different, so factor this into the planning strategy.
  • Attend UniAdmissions LNAT practice courses and one-day intensive events. These are a great opportunity to improve your technique and significantly boost your performance.
  • Practice the exam with the ultimate LNAT collection of mock questions and past papers.

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Make sure you leave plenty of time to prepare and book yourself onto UniAdmissions LNAT support courses. These one-day intensive courses will provide you with invaluable insights from our expert tutors. On the course, you’ll learn methods for answering questions and exam technique which will help you improve your performance in the exam.

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LNAT Results Explained: How will you receive your LNAT results?

You’ve sat the test, what next? The results of the test will be at the forefront of your mind. It’s always a nerve-racking few months waiting for your test results. To ease your worries, we’ve noted down the process of receiving your LNAT results.

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