Your Guide to LNAT Preparation 2019

All the information you need to start your LNAT 2019 preparation. If you are hoping to study law at university, then you need to start your preparation for the LNAT 2019. Here are some tips on what to do as part of your preparation for the 2019 LNAT.

Author: Zayra Morales

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All the information you need to start your LNAT preparation 2019

If you’re hoping to study Law at University then you need to start your LNAT preparation 2019. The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) is an admissions test that some universities require as part of your application for law. While you do not need to have any knowledge of law to do well in the test, it is still important that you are well-prepared. Universities will look at your test results and LNAT essay to see if you have the appropriate skills to study law. Here is some advice on what to do as part of your LNAT preparation 2019.


LNAT Preparation 2019: Section A

Section A of the LNAT is a multiple-choice section where you are given twelve passages of text to read with questions to answer. It is a test of your comprehension and reasoning skills and gives you the opportunity to show that you can understand and interpret information.


As part of your LNAT preparation 2019 you should:

  • Do the practice questions on the LNAT website to familiarise yourself with the format of the questions. You can find plenty of practice LNAT essay questions to further your knowledge in UniAdmissions’ ultimate guide to the LNAT test.
  • Read high-quality newspapers. Do not be afraid of reading difficult articles because this will help you to get used to dealing with unfamiliar words. Try and figure out what difficult words mean without looking them up.

LNAT Preparation 2019: Section B

Section B is an essay question. You will be given three titles to choose from and you must pick one to write about. This section assesses your ability to put forward a persuasive and compelling argument.

As part of your LNAT preparation 2019 you should:

  • Practice essay writing. It would be especially good practice to write about a topic that you do not know anything about. Ask a teacher, friend or relative to read your essay and see if they can follow your argument. Our LNAT tutors are also on hand to mark your essays and give you unlimited feedback.
  • Decide on how you are going to structure your essay before taking the test. You ought to include things like an introduction, your argument, the counter-argument, and a conclusion.
  • Read some comment articles in quality newspapers like The Guardian or The Daily Telegraph. Look at how arguments are formulated and conclusions are drawn in the articles. Think about what issues are raised and what assumptions have been made. See if you can think of a counter-argument in response to the article.
  • Get started with some law terminology. It’s always good to get some brownie points in the essay if you can reference some key phrases.


LNAT Preparation 2019: Practical Points

With all your LNAT preparation 2019 for sections A and B of the test, make sure that you are aware of these small but easy to miss practical points:

  • Register on the LNAT website.
  • Different universities have different LNAT deadlines. Make sure that you check the deadline for each of the universities you might want to apply to.
  • Book your test early so that you can pick a convenient time and location.
  • Arrive at the test centre in good time.
  • Read the instructions carefully at the start of the test.
  • Read the questions carefully during the test.

And finally, good luck with your LNAT preparation 2019!

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