LNAT Results

The following information about LNAT Results is taken from The Ultimate LNAT Guide: 400 Practice Questions

When are the LNAT Results Published?

Once you finish the test, your score is calculated by the computer. For all tests taken before 20th October, the universities that require the LNAT will receive the result directly from the test provider on the 21st October. On any day after 20th October, your test result will be sent directly to the LNAT universities within 24 hours of you taking the test.
If you sit the LNAT by the 20th January deadline, you will receive your results by email in early February 2017. You will just receive your score of Section A and the average score for the cohort in the admissions cycle.
Section B is not marked by Pearson but is in fact marked by the universities’ admissions tutors themselves. Accordingly, you will not get a mark back on Section B (but it is still taken into account in the admissions process).