Section B: Essay Writing Tips

The following information about LNAT Results is taken from The Ultimate LNAT Guide: 400 Practice Questions

The ultimate goal of any essay is to convey an argument to the reader. In order to do that, the essay needs to be as clear as possible, follow a logical structure, and develop a coherent argument. Even though you do not get your mark back from the essay, it is read directly by the admissions tutors at the LNAT Universities you have applied to, which will have a weighting on your application’s chances of success.
In the exam, you will have 45 minutes to write the essay.
The key to creating a solid essay in the exam is to develop a good, persuasive argument in clear written English. It is not about writing as much as you can – indeed, some of the best essays are the shortest; and a rambling essay can attract low marks.
Ultimately, the examiners are testing your ability to argue and not particularly on your knowledge. That being said, having a good general knowledge will help you create good arguments and will stand you well for the exam. Crucially, it means that you’ll be comfortable answering the questions in the exam.

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