What are the LNAT Universities?

LNAT universities use the LNAT to see if you have the aptitude for the skills to study law. They require applicants to take the LNAT because it helps the admissions tutors differentiate between applicants who have similar grades.


What is the LNAT?

The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) is an undergraduate admissions test that some universities require you to take as part of your application to study law. The LNAT is split into two sections, A and B. Section A is made up of multiple choice questions and Section B is an essay question.


The LNAT Universities

The following are LNAT universities and you must do the LNAT to apply:

  • University of Bristol
  • Durham University
  • University of Glasgow
  • King’s College London
  • LSE
  • The University of Nottingham
  • The University of Oxford
  • SOAS
  • UCL

If you are applying to the following, check with the universities if you need the LNAT:

  • Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • IE University


Why do LNAT universities require you to take the LNAT?

LNAT universities require their applicants to take the LNAT because it helps the admissions tutors differentiate between applicants who have similar grades. It is also helpful when applicants have different qualifications. For example, it can be hard to compare an applicant who has A-Levels with applicants who have Advanced Highers, the IB or qualifications from other countries. The LNAT gives the admissions tutors more information on which to base their decision of who to give a place at the university.

The admissions tutors at the LNAT universities will look at your LNAT score from Section A and your essay from Section B. LNAT universities use this to see if you have the aptitude and the skills to study law rather than to assess your knowledge of the law. However, knowledge of current affairs is helpful for writing the essay in Section B.


Why must you take Section A?

The purpose of Section A is to give the admissions tutors an indication of your comprehension and reasoning skills. The admissions tutors want to know that you can understand, analyse and interpret texts since these skills are essential when studying law. In order to answer the questions correctly, you must be able to distinguish between statements of fact and opinion and focus on the detail without jumping to conclusions. It also tests your ability to select the relevant information and make logical deductions.


What are they testing with Section B of the LNAT?

The admissions tutors read your Section B essays to see if you can put forward a convincing and balanced argument. They like it when applicants think outside of the box and back up their arguments with evidence. They will assess your English skills (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) and ability to write clearly and succinctly.


What happens next?

If you achieve a good LNAT score and write a strong essay, this will help your application to study law stand out at LNAT Universities. You will receive your results depending on when you took the test. For example, if you took the LNAT before January 2019, you will receive your results by February. However, remember that you can only take the LNAT once between September and July unless there are extenuating circumstances. Make sure you’ve got all the important LNAT dates in your calendar.

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