Cambridge Economics Interview…what to expect

So, you’re thinking of applying to study Economics at Cambridge, or perhaps you’ve already applied. This means you’re probably already looking ahead to the Cambridge Economics interview.

Many students find the interview the most daunting part of the whole process of applying to Cambridge. What will it entail? How can I read ahead and prepare? Is my Personal Statement going to come up?

The Cambridge Economics Interview: a tale of two parts

The Cambridge Economics interview process is broadly split into two distinct parts: the first is an interview which covers your conceptual understanding of Economics – that is, macroeconomics, microeconomics and potentially covering the global economy, including development economics.

These are the broad themes of the A-Level syllabus and so it will be necessary to not only have a strong grounding of the concepts in these areas, but also to reach beyond the confines of class textbooks and read some of the work economists in the real world are producing.


As well as these concepts, this interview may touch upon the contents of your personal statement, so make sure you’re familiar with the readings and theories you discussed in there. If you talked about QE, monetary policy or the 2008 recession, it is advisable to have a good understanding of these topics as they are the potential basis of the interview conversations.

The second Cambridge Economics interview tends to be more applied – involving applied maths and problem-solving questions. It is useful, therefore, to have covered the A-Level maths syllabus again, including Core modules and Statistics. It is typical that a question may incorporate differentiation, for instance, in the context of an economic problem.

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What kind of topics tend to come up?

The range of topics is, inevitably, very wide. The Oxbridge interview course will help with some of the answers to expect, but the table below gives some overarching themes based on our experience from the Cambridge Economics interview:


Micro topics: Adverse selection; Micro-finance

Maths for Economics

Macro topics: QE, monetary policy, income inequality

Personal Statement – academic references

Game theory

Applied maths / problem-solving questions

Critical analysis of research data and hypothesis

Open-ended questions; data analysis


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But how do I prepare?

As alluded to above, you will need to be engaging with Economic writing beyond the A-Level syllabus. For the general Cambridge Economics interview, this means reading economics books published by prominent economists, for instance, Nobel Laureates. It is also worth engaging with the research published by institutions such as the Bank of England.

For the applied Cambridge Economics interview, it is important to not only review core maths modules from the A-Level syllabus, but also apply these to economic problems.

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