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BMAT Singapore - What is it and why take it? The Singapore BMAT is a test that applicants must take if they wish to study at universities located in Singapore. It is intended to help them assess the critical abilities of applicants to be a successful medical student.

Last Updated: 26th November 2018

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As of 2024, the BMAT will no longer operate for Medicine applicants. Applicants for all UK medical schools will be required to sit the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) for 2025 Entry. Find out more in our BMAT/UCAT 2025 Guide.

BMAT Singapore  – What is it and why do you need to take it?

BMAT Singapore is a test that applicants must take if they wish to study abroad in Universities situated there. The BMAT, Biomedical Admissions Testing, is used as a prerequisite for entry into many top universities worldwide for medicine, biomedical sciences and dentistry courses. It is a notoriously tough paper that is used to help distinguish between medical applicants, who often all have excellent academic results and personal statements.

In Singapore, it is a requirement for applicants seeking to study at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKC Medicine). This is to help them assess the critical abilities of applicants necessary to make a successful medical student.


BMAT Dates

There are multiple test sittings of the BMAT per academic year. Note that you are only allowed one sitting per academic year.

*For BMAT Singapore this must be the October sitting.*

October Schedule:

Key Dates for BMAT October

1 September:

The extranet for the assessment centres officially opens, allowing your Exams Officer to put in candidates’ entries from this date onwards.

1 October:

Registration deadline at Midnight, BST.

15 October:

Late registration date. The last day to submit your UCAS applications if you have not already done so!

31 October:

Test date: this MUST be carried out in a registered test centre. Check with your school to see if it is already authorised!

23 November:

Results released to test-takers via Metritests; you will have a PDF version of the results. These will be automatically shared with the universities you have applied to.


If you’re considering taking the BMAT Singapore exam to study at LKC Medical School, you need to look into the costs.

Prices are available to be viewed on the RELC EB and British Council, Singapore website. These are detailed below. If you are a student in Singapore, you are best served by RELC. If you are in Singapore but do not attend school there, you should contact the British Council, Singapore instead. If you are abroad, check on the Admissions Testing website to see your nearest test centre or read their leaflet for BMAT Singapore 2018 to get an idea of what to expect for next year!

RELC Costs and Dates:

Entry Fee Payment Deadline

Payment Mode

1 September 2018 – 1 October 2018

SGD 327 15:00 SST 1 October 2018

AXS Station

(Diners or DBS/POSB VISA/Master credit card or NETS from any major banks)

2 October 2018 – 14 October 2018

SGD 409 23:30 SST 14 October 2018

AXS Station

(Diners or DBS/POSB VISA/Master credit card or NETS from any major banks)

15 October 2018 SGD 409 16:00 SST 15 October 2018

RELC Office

Only cash is accepted

British Council Costs and Dates:

Entry Fee

Payment Deadline

1 August 2018 – 1 October 2018 SGD 350

18:00 SST 1 October 2018

2 October 2018 – 15 October 2018 SGD 425

18:00 SST 14 October 2018

The Format of the Test

Section 1 – Aptitude and Skills. You are allocated 60 minutes to answer 35 short questions which are multiple choice (often providing you between 4-7 answers to choose from). This section will test skills such as problem-solving, verbal reasoning as well as data analysis and inference.

Section 2 – Scientific Knowledge and Applications. This is 30 minutes long and will have 27 multiple choice questions. Unlike section 1, this is primarily knowledge-based rather than skilled and so will test your scientific knowledge and mathematical ability. The syllabus will broadly correspond to that covered in GCSE/IGCSE sciences and maths.

Section 3- Writing Task. This is a 30-minute short essay, where you will pick from a choice of 3 questions that may be philosophical or practical, but will relate to medicine. This is slightly in contrast to many other admissions testing such as the TSA which will keep the essays general for all. As with essays in general, the candidate is being tested on their ability to develop, communicate and present persuasive and concise arguments.

How important is the BMAT Singapore exam?

LKC Medicine does not quantify the importance of the BMAT in application success. Whilst it is clearly very important, it is combined with your other academic qualifications, personal statement, your non-academic achievements and interview performance as part of a holistic process.


The BMAT Singapore is important not only for securing interviews but for proving that you have the aptitude required to be a successful medic at university. To give yourself the best chance to show your ability, UniAdmissions is able to offer a bespoke package including not only BMAT tuition but also interview practice that will help you show your abilities to the admissions tutors!

Please read more about it here or give us a call for more information!

Latest Results from the BMAT 2018

This year may have come and gone, but if you’re planning on taking the BMAT next September or October, it’s always worth taking a looking at past results to know what you need to aim for. We’ve got the results from the BMAT 2018 to see where candidates measured in this years’ BMAT scores. We will compare these results to those of 2017 as well as analyse these findings by each section of the BMAT.

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