BMAT Preparation Courses

The thought of your BMAT might be scary, however, the test can lead to great things in the future. You’ll be one step closer to your dream job in medicine, dentistry or biomedical science, which is very exciting. This makes preparing all the more important and definitely worth the time and effort in the long run.

Here at UniAdmissions, we are expertly equipped to prepare you for the BMAT and give you all the support you need to pass the test. Our professional tutors have all scored in the top 10% nationally during their BMAT year, so they certainly know their stuff. We offer several BMAT preparation programmes so simply choose the one that best meets your needs.

What is the BMAT?

The BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) is a 2-hour assessment used as part of the medicine, biomedical sciences, and dentistry admissions processes at several UK universities. The exam assesses candidates on a mixture of aptitude and knowledge and is split into three sections.

Section 1 – Multiple choice questions testing your ability to problem-solve and understand arguments.

Section 2 – Multiple choice questions testing your ability to apply the scientific knowledge typically learned in science and mathematics at school level.

Section 3 – An essay-based question testing your ability to select, develop, and organise ideas, and communicate them effectively.

How To Prepare for the BMAT

Like any exam, preparing for your BMAT is essential in order to pass, so it’s always a good idea to start early and work on your time management to ensure you’re ready and confident you can finish on time.

However, this isn’t a test you’ll be prepped for at school, like a traditional GCSE maths or science exam. The best way to approach the BMAT is to seek support from people who know and understand the exam, and are therefore expertly placed to help you navigate the process.

UniAdmissions are well-equipped to help support you with your BMAT preparation. We offer a number of Programmes that can help boost your BMAT score rapidly. We also have a lot of useful information over on our guides page.

What BMAT Preparation Programme Is Best For Me?

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Our Complete Oxbridge Medicine Preparation Programme

The BMAT is very important, but it’s not the only thing you’ll need to prepare for if you’re hoping to study medicine at a top university. Our complete Oxbridge Medicine Programme gets you ready for every element of the application process.

As well as professional BMAT exam guidance, we also teach you how to write a fantastic personal statement and ace your medicine interviews. This programme offers intensive group teaching, one-to-one expert tuition, and online revision support to improve your overall chances of success.

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Our One-To-One BMAT Tuition Programme

If you are confident you will only require support with the BMAT, then the BMAT Programme is designed with you in mind. This Programme exclusively offers support to help you get a BMAT score you need.

Receive one-to-one tuition from an expert BMAT tutor. Your specialist will have scored in the top 10% nationally when they did the exam themself so you’ll be in the best hands for your BMAT preparation. This programme also offers intensive group teaching and online revision support to improve your overall chances of success.

BMAT Past Papers

In this download, you’ll find every BMAT past paper from 2003 all the way to 2018, along with the official answer sheet. You can also find all the essay questions. Although there is no “answer sheet” for the essay questions, there is the official mark sheme.
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Applied for Medicine (A100)

Offers from Oxford, King’s College, and Imperial. 


Applied for Medicine (A100)

Offers from Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, and Cardiff.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with a limited number of students each year to ensure we can provide the best support suited for their particular needs.

Our Programmes have a structured syllabus, however, we tweak elements of the syllabus so the student is able to gain the most out of our support.

As we work with a limited number of students, we have a limited number of places available for enrolment on each Programme.

The best way to find out whether there are still places available is by booking a free consultation here or contacting us via Livechat, where our expert Admissions Consultants will be able to advise you further.

We do have ideal start times at points throughout the year, however, the syllabus can be adapted to suit your particular start time if you are accepted onto the Programme. Our Admissions Consultants can help you understand the Programme timeline in your specific case – all you need to do is ask.

First and foremost, we assess whether the potential student has the right academic capabilities and profile to be realistically accepted to study at Oxford or Cambridge.

Secondly, we assess whether the student is capable and willing to put in the time required to create a strong application for Oxbridge.

Finally, we assess the student’s attitude and reasoning behind applying to Oxford or Cambridge. This is one of our most important considerations.

If a student has below-average (but still realistic) grades for Oxford and Cambridge, but the correct attitude, we would consider accepting them onto our Programme. Unfortunately, if the inverse is the case, it’s unlikely the student would be accepted onto the Programme.

UniAdmissions is committed to giving the very best service to every student. Our talented tutors are the key to the excellent service we pride ourselves on, passing on not only their expertise, but also their enthusiasm to inspire the next generation to succeed.

All tutors are either current senior students, recent graduates or from a professional background. Our selection process ensures only the best tutors work for us, in roles most suited to their skill-sets.

You’ll get access to all of our online resources and paperback books relevant to your admissions test all packed with powerful strategies and techniques to help you prepare, improve and boost your score.

Tuition sessions are held online via video chat. Times for these sessions are arranged between you and your tutor to best meet your needs. 

In exceptional cases, in-person tuition may be offered. 

Absolutely, and we’d encourage you to do so.
Make sure you give your tutor enough notice (at least 5 days) for them to prepare the appropriate materials.

The Programme Portal is where you will find all of the support and resources for your Programme.

You can think of the Portal as the hub of all the materials included within your Programme. If you are ever looking for a relevant book, an online course, course dates or anything along those lines, the Portal is very likely to be your answer.

You can also use the Portal to get in touch with our team at any point.