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How to Answer UCAT Decision-Making Questions

The UKCAT Decision Making section is a relatively new section introduced in 2016. It replaces what was formerly known as the Decision Analysis sub-test. As a result, there is relatively limited amount of preparation and practice questions available. In this article, we will look at what to look for when picking a resource to practice questions.

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ukcat test

The UCAT Test

You need to sit the UKCAT test to apply for most UK medical schools. The UKCAT test is not a difficult exam, and it’s easy enough to get a good score provided you put in the effort when the time is right. There’s no need to spend months preparing. Typically, a month or three weeks is all you need.

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ukcat / UCAT exam structure

The UCAT Exam Structure

All sections of the UCAT/UKCAT exam structure contain a series of questions which must be completed certain time frame. The structure is the following:

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UCAT Verbal Reasoning Top Tips

The Verbal Reasoning section of the UCAT aims to assess accuracy and reading speed, important traits for a doctor. In this UCAT Verbal Reasoning guide, we set out the questions that may arise, how to answer true, false and can’t say questions, with some final tips added as a bonus.

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UCAT Decision Making Top Tips

The decision-making subtest of the UCAT tests your ability to apply logic to reach a decision or conclusion, evaluate arguments, and analyse statistical information. This may sound intimidating at first, but when you break down the different questions, it’s a lot less scary than it sounds. The decision-making section is the least time-consuming.

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UCAT Situational Judgement Top Tips

The aim of the Situational Judgement section is to assess your ability to understand situations you might encounter as a medical student or doctor and how you would deal with them. In this UCAT SJT guide, we set out the questions that may arise, how to respond to the appropriateness and importance of the options.

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