UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Top Tips

The quantitative reasoning section of the UCAT tests your ability to quickly interpret data and perform calculations on it. This section of the UCAT contains 36 questions and you have 24 minutes to answer them, giving you a total of 40 seconds per question. In this guide we describe what the questions look like and how to answer the questions.

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UCAT Abstract Reasoning Top Tips

Why is abstract reasoning included? The idea behind the UKCAT’s abstract reasoning is to test how well a candidate is able to answer questions that may go beyond the scope of their knowledge or require them to apply their existing knowledge in an unusual way. Here’s what a typical question looks like so you know what we’re talking about:

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Do I need to attend a UKCAT Course?

UCAT: Where and When Is It & What to Expect

The UCAT is the entrance exam you need to take to have a reasonable chance of getting into most UK medical schools. It is not a difficult exam, and it is fairly easy to get a good score as long as you put in the effort when the time comes.

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