Oxbridge Interviews

We’re often asked – “What will I get asked in an Oxbridge interview?”. Hopefully by this point you’re familiar with the unique Oxbridge teaching system. Students on the same course will have lectures and practicals together. These are supplemented by college-based tutorials/supervisions. A tutorial/supervision is an individual or small group session with an academic to discuss ideas, ask questions and receive feedback on your assignments. During the tutorial/supervision, you will be pushed to think critically about the material from the course in novel and innovative ways. To get the most out of Oxbridge, you need to be able to work in this setting, and take criticism with a positive and constructive attitude.

The interviews are made to be model tutorials/supervisions, with an academic questioning an applicant and seeing if they can learn, problem-solve, demonstrate motivation for their subject. It is by considering this ultimate goal of the interview that you can start to understand how to present and prepare yourself for the Oxbridge interview process.