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The NSAA score is similar to the BMAT or UKCAT in some respects. Section 1 is the only score that can be viewed because the answers are either correct or incorrect, which allows a definitive score to be obtained. We have found some information that may be useful to show the overall score of previous candidates in the different sections.

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The NSAA will be sat on the 19th October 2022 rather than the usual first week of November. 

The scoring of the NSAA is similar to the BMAT and UKCAT in ways. Section 1 is the only scoring that is available to view because the answers are right or wrong, allowing for a definitive score. There isn’t a huge amount of information available about results of the NSAA because it is such a new test. We have, however, found some information that can be useful to show where past candidates have generally scored across the sections. Similar to the BMAT, scores for the NSAA for each section are scored from 1.0 to 9.0.   nsaa-marking-scale  

Section 1 (Compulsary Maths Section)

The mean score in 2017 was between 5.4 and 5.9. We can’t say exactly how many questions this resulted in getting right, but we would guess in the area of around 11-13/18. This shows that if you score even slightly above the average, you will stand out massively in this section.   distribution-section-1  

Scoring in optional sections

This data set shows you the distribution of what subjects/sections people chose to do.   section-scores   As you can see from the data set above, the majority of candidates choose to do Physics and Biology as their optional sections. Generally this seems to be a good option. Candidates seem to be stronger when it comes to Physics, with an average score of 4.9 across the first Physics section. Biology and Advanced Maths/Physics actually equal out for average score, but the data set for Advanced is far lower. This can mean that the candidates choosing Advanced are more comfortable with these topics, bringing the average score up. What we see from this is that if you can really nail Physics – you can pool knowledge for the Physics and Advanced Physics section if you are comfortable doing so.  

Section 2 scoring

Unfortunately, Section 2 scoring is not released by Cambridge Admissions testing. This is used on a case-by-case basis by the college you apply for – the marking is less linear because working and other aspects are considered, therefore there is no scale similar to Section 1. We would guess that Section 2 results are used more to show your thought processes – as we have mentioned in the Section 2 blog post – this is a section where you can and SHOULD show off your knowledge!  
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