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luke law


Applied for Law (M100)


Offers from Oxford, Birmingham & Manchester.


Luke applied to study Law with the intention of getting a place at Oxford. He aspires to be Barrister in future. He researched applying to the Law (Jurisprudence) course at Oxford and found many requirements that he wasn’t aware os such as the LNAT and that just 14% of applicants are successful in their applications; he turned to UniAdmissions for help. As their success rate was 63% last year!




Personal Statement

Luke’s first tutor Sonia, an Oxbridge Law graduate, went through his personal statement with him. Having helped many students with their statements for Law, Sonia knows exactly what admissions tutors are looking for in a statement. Luke made full use of the unlimited re-drafts available with tuition and together they created a very strong personal statement after many sessions. 


The LNAT is a big stepping stone to getting accepted onto a Law degree. This is one part of the process that Luke didn’t have much knowledge about, so felt UniAdmissions would be able to help him a lot. Orin, an Oxbridge Law student, spoke with Luke and went through each aspect of the LNAT test. She set him a task of doing a past paper, then together they went through the answers. By doing this, Orin was able to identify Luke’s strenghts and weaknesses, then focus on these points. The first step of the LNAT tuition was the MCQ portion. Orin took the identified weaknesses and assigned specific questions that could target these weaknesses. 





For Luke, the essay was difficult because he had never been taugh how to structure an essay. With a couple of sessions focused on the essay with Orin, Luke was able to improve his essay writing skills. Orin taught Luke a method which ensures that he answers each question with good structure. Through using this process, Luke was able to greatly improve his writing skills. After a couple of sessions working on this with Orin, Luke’s scores in this section became admirable. 


Law interviews can be different to other interviews, and Oxford interviews are even different to those! Luke hadn’t had any interviews before this so didn’t know really what to expect. Luke received multiple mock interviews which covered different topics such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law and more, by Oxbridge Law tutors who gave very detailed written feedback on each. Will, a very experienced tutor, went through this written feddback with Luke and found where he could do with improvement. they worked through the points together, then Luke had another mock interview which he felt a lot more confident with. This shone through in his feedback where the interviewer said he was “a strong candidate.”


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