How To Prepare For A Cambridge Interview

Preparing early for Cambridge Interviews is essential to perform well on the day and receive an offer. But how do you prepare and what questions might come up? What are the interviewers actually looking for? Read on to find out.

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When should I start preparing for my medical interview?

So you are going to apply for a medical course at a UK university. Many students are eager to understand what is involved in preparing for the medical interview and how they can start to get a better position for it. Apart from the standard parts of the application process common to all courses.

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cambridge humanities interviewers

The Secret to a Cambridge Humanities Interview

My own humanities interview at Cambridge was a tense and uncomfortable experience. I remember halfway through my humanities interview at Cambridge I realised that I kept fidgeting with sweaty hands, and I sat on them to stop it. I came out thinking I had wasted my golden opportunity, and then I was ecstatic….

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